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78 - Coffee

78 - Coffee
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78 - Coffee
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VG / PG70 VG / 30 PG
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78 E - Liquid Coffee

Is there anyone in the world who does not like coffee? If you do not like the answer to ours, what do you say to try the coffee aroma as electronic cigarettes? What do you expect if you ask yourself, "Where do we find the coffee-flavored e-liquid?" Order it from our site and start to use this unique e-liquid filling fluid immediately.78 Coffee E - Liquid offers you the most intense and delicious flavor of your coffee aroma. The liquid has 70 VG and 30 PG ratios, which at the same time ensure that the electronic cigarette liquor flavor has intense steam and a soft drink. If you are looking for a successful electronic cigarette liquor, you can try 78 Coffee stored in 30 ml bottles.78 E - Liquid Coffee stored in a 30 - ml hard plastic bite only allows you to fill up when it is tightly tightened. Beside this, e-liquid which is specially packed is special production. Whether you need it alone, you can enrich your electronic cigarette liquor with aromas such as cream, milk - honey, chocolate or caramel.78 E-Liquid, with different varieties on our site, will seduce you with its coffee aroma. Please note that E - Liquid Coffee and other 78 Electronic Cigarette Liquid Types are only sold on our site. If you like Likiti, you can duplicate it with an N - Base which you can choose from our site, or you can dilute the nicotine level. For Harikas e-liquid flavor, all you have to do is order from our site.78 E - Liquid Coffee is an aroma rarely found at the same time. If you want to reach the coffee flavor that is not found in famous e-liquid producers such as KILO, One Hit Wonder, Nasty Juice, you can order now without losing time.

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