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78 - Apple 30ml

78 - Apple 30ml
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78 - Apple 30ml
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VG / PG70 VG / 30 PG
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78 E - Liquid Apple

78 It consists of the combination of the digit "7", which is the symbol of the name excellence of the Electronic Cigarette Liquids, and the "8", which symbolizes the abundance. These two numbers tell you a lot about the properties of liquid. 78 Electronic Cigarettes One of the most noteworthy among the Likiti Varieties is the elmadır. 78 Apple Electronic Cigarette Liquita keeps the experience of cigarettes and cigarettes carrying apple essence with a strong apple flavor.It has 78 E - Liquid Apple, 70 VG and 30 PG ratio. This ratio allows the liquid to have a soft liquor as well as giving it a dense steam at the same time. 78 Apple E - Liquid, which you can find on our site with varieties of 3-6 nicotine grades, are stored in 30 ml small bottles. 78 Liquid Apple, which hides in a hard plastic thin mouthpiece, allows you to carry more than one aroma in your pocket or bag. Only our site offers you the e-liquid flavorful, intense apple flavor that you can supply from feature of the 78 Apple E - Lite is that it has a special packaging. Thus, no one is worthy of the likity until you reach production. Open the package and squeeze the bottle and you can fill it up immediately. You can combine it with other aromas or you can dilute the liquid with N-Base, which you can order from our site. Order now on our site right now and start to enjoy the flavor of apples in addition to the intense steam.78 Electronic Cigarette Liquid is only available on our site. Liquid varieties of specially produced liquids with larger bottles will be available in the future. If you are looking for a different flavor of apples, you can now easily reach the liquor from the categories of our site and order now. Do not forget to order now for custom production liquid.

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