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78 - Melon 30ml

78 - Melon 30ml
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78 - Melon 30ml
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VG / PG70 VG / 30 PG
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78 E - Liquid Melon

Many electronic cigarette brands have melon flavored e-liquid varieties. Melon with its sweet and refreshing effect comes among the most popular fruits. Not just e-cigarettes. Many flavors of melon are used in soft drinks from chewing gum, from frost to many cold sweets. Another electronic cigarette flavored with melon flavors is the Electronic Cigarette Liquid.78 E - Liquid Melon is stored in 30 ml hard plastic and thin mouth bottles as well as an e - liquid type with a ratio of 70 VG - 30 PG. Thus, 78 E - Liquid varieties, which only adults can use, are on our site with varieties of 3 and 6 nicotine grades at the same time. The small, sheltered bottle allows you to carry one or more e-liquid flavors in your pocket or bag.Liquid grades are not used by anyone until you reach them. The bottle's special packaging proves it. 78 Melon is an electronic cigarette liquifier you can only drink if you want to use it with other contents. It provides intense steam and a sharp smell - flavor. If you like liquid, you can mix it with an N - Base, so you can dilute the flavor of the liquid as you can reduce the nicotine ratio. In tiny bottles of delicious melon flavor you are waiting for you.78 Electronic Cigarette Liquid is only available on our site. If you are interested in this special ingredient not found in other suppliers and want to reach intense melon flavor, you can only order from our site. With its unique flavor, 78 Electronic Cigarettes Likiti Melon Aromas, you can mix flavors like 78 vanilla, apple of E - Liquid Aromas and you can get a taste similar to nargile. With its 70 Vg ratio, the electronic cigarette liquor with high steam delivery will be waiting for you with its pleasant melon smell and dense vapor. Order now and start using lychee fondly.

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