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78 Coffee with Milk 30ml

78 Coffee with Milk 30ml
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78 Coffee with Milk 30ml
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VG / PG70 VG / 30 PG
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78 E - Liquid Milk Coffee

It's hard to find coffee aroma. If you get a hardcore electronic cigarette liquor, do not always have to combine it with a milk or cream aroma while using it. To order a specially manufactured 78 Milk Coffee from our site you need to do. We call it special production because 78 E - Liquid Super Coffee is an untested flavor combination that has never been touted by a premium liquid manufacturer.78 Milk Brown E - Liquid is a premium liquid when evaluated in terms of its content. It offers intense steam and an aromatic flavor. However, to date, "milk coffee" or "latte" has become a content that has been introduced by very few producers. 78 Milk Coffee Electronic Cigarette In addition to all these features, Likiti also has a 70 VG and 30 PG ratio. Aromatic liquid with nicotine grades of 3 and 6 on our site is specially produced and packed.78 Milk Coffee E - Liquid has small bottles of 30 ml capacity at the same time. In small 30 ml bottles, you can use milk coffee which is reaching you by mixing with liquids such as chocolate, cream, cake, muffin, cream cake. If 78 Coffee Aroma is too hard for you, why do not you try the milk coffee aroma? So you can get a pretty tasty drink.78 Sütlü Kahve is an electronic cigarette liquid sold exclusively at ElektronikSigaraevi.US. This wonderful liquid will keep you taste of latte until you are finally getting tired of drinking. It is also an e-liquid flavor that will impress you with its soft drink and dense steam.

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