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Cuttwood Boss Reserve Liquid

Cuttwood Boss Reserve Liquid
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Cuttwood Boss Reserve Liquid
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Cuttwood Boss Reserve Overview

Cuttwood Boss Reserve is one of the most preferred e-liquids by professional electronic cigarette smokers. Cuttwood Boss Reserve, which has a high steam delivery rate of 70 VG - 30 PG, is a bananas and breakfast cereal flavored e-liquid. A member of the premium e-liquid class, the Cuttwood Boss Reserve is stored in a special drop-glass bottle. Because it has a ratio of 70 VG, the electronic cigarette is highly liquid, thick and sweet. Thanks to the special safety lid, it provides safe use and does not leak.

The Cuttwood Boss Reserve can be used at any time of day. Premium liquid that you can use by mixing with different e-liquid contents or aromas; it is thick, it provides dense steam and it has a sugar bowl. Cuttwood Boss Reserve, originally found on our site, is produced in the US and is very popular among e-cigarette smokers. The special cap bottle prevents pets and children from reaching the e-liquid contents. Cuttwood Boss Reserve is one of the most delicious e-liquid ingredients you can find, with 0-3 - 6 mg nicotine grades on our site.

Cuttwood Boss Reserve Featured Features:

  • Ideal Use for High Steam and Mode E-Cigarettes with High VG
  • Cuttwood Branded Original Product
  • Unique Taste of Egyptian Chutney and Banana Aroma

Cuttwood Boss Reserve All Properties:

  • Boss Reserve Provides dense steam with PG - VG ratio.
  • Produced by Boss Reserve, Cuttwood Producing in the USA.
  • Cuttwood Boss Reserve is stored in a bottle made of high quality glass.
  • Cuttwood Boss Reserve E-Liquid products on our site are completely Original.
  • Cuttwood Boss Reserve is a Premium Liquid Class with VG / PG Ratio.
  • The Electronic Cigarette Liquid has a consistency and a sweet taste.
  • Cuttwood Boss Reserve is housed in a Special Dropped Glass Bottle.
  • Bottle is a special cover, does not leak and provides a safe use. Hard Cover prevents children and domestic animals from easily reaching the E-Liquit content.

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