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Cuttwood Boss Reserve 10 ml

Cuttwood Boss Reserve 10 ml
Cuttwood Boss Reserve 10 ml
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Cuttwood Boss Reserve 10 ml
Cuttwood Boss Reserve 10 ml
Cuttwood Boss Reserve 10 ml
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Cuttwood Tobacco Trail E-Liquitice is a premium electronic cigarette liquid flavored with honey and tobacco flavor. In addition to honey and tobacco flavor, the Cuttwood Tobacco Trail, which you can choose from among different types of nicotine grades, is the premium liquid class with 70 VG and 30 PG. Premium liquid content, 70 VG ratio because it has a dense and gives a thick vapor.

The Cuttwood Tobacco Trail is stored in a special drop cap made from high quality glass. The special dropper allows you to easily fill the tanks of electronic cigarette models with liquid content. The special hard cover opens only when pressed and turned, preventing children - access to liquid contents of pets. Cuttwood Tobacco Trail is a premium liquid ingredient with a viscosity and sugar content which is particularly appealing to users who have left the cigarette because it has the added flavor of tobacco flavor. In addition to all these features, the Cuttwood Tobacco Trail, available throughout the day, can be used with other liquid ingredients or alone. Premium liquid content has a capacity of 30 ml.

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail E-Liquid Featured Features:

  • Produced by Cuttwood Brand
  • Unique Honey And Tobacco Flavor

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail E-Liquid Features:

  • Cuttwood Tobacco Trail is a Premium Electronic Cigarette Liquid with 70 VG and 30 PG.
  • Cuttwood Tobacco is flavored with Trail Honey and Tobacco Flavor.
  • Cuttwood Tobacco Trail Has 70 VG Rates. This gives concentrated steam and thick consistency. The product has different grades of nicotine.
  • Cuttwood Tobacco Trail Special Dripping High Quality 30ml Glass Bean Store. Premium Dropper Premium E-Liquid Container Provides Filling of Electronic Non-Liquid Tanks.
  • Cuttwood Tobacco Trail's 30 ml Glass Bottle is ideal for daily use. Tight Cap of Small Glass Bottle Prevents Liquid Leakage. Hard Cover Prevents Reaching the Premium Liquid Content of Children or Pets.

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