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Atomizer Head

Atomizer Head

The Atomizer head is also known as the "coil" in the world of e-cigarettes. The head, or, in other words, the atomizer heading, allows a nicotine and flavored vortex of the liquid in a coil model. The head of the device model, or the name of the head, is often one of the parts that should be changed frequently. Using a new and clean hood allows you to get as much steam and aroma flavor from premium e-liquid or other e-liquid varieties as possible. E-cigarettes and e-juice registrants are often visited by with a wide range of atomizer options.

Frequently used coil head models in device models wear out when used. Coil heads are created by passing the cloth, which is also called "Japanese Bezier". This cloth is soaked with liquid. Wet cotton brings steam to the field when compared to heat. This content is known as "e-cigarette" steam. Nicotine-containing and aroma-containing devices and products are far healthier than traditional tobacco products. But it is not completely harmless. However, there is no bad odor of the device steam. Because of this, e-cigarettes are often preferred to traditional tobacco products. Especially if you are using premium liquid, you need to use quality and original head plug-in. The premium liquids you use on this count will offer both intense flavor and aroma flavor.

The heads that you can use to increase the capacity of used devices are also referred to as atomizers in many sources. The heads used influence the quality, intensity and aroma of the steam first degree. If you want to get more aroma steam, you can increase the capacity of your device by using attachments. On our site you can easily reach additional models that are pre-coiled or wrapped by the user later on. They do great work when they are used together with premium liquid. Most attachment models have an air leakage prevention mechanism at the same time as the air duct. This prevents you from leaking devices when carried in your bag or in your pocket. If you are not satisfied with the capacity of your device and want it to be more performance, you can visibly increase the steam capacity by using the nozzle. Most of the time, you can find a variety of apparatuses on our site that increase the performance visibly when you use a battery with a lower battery capacity.

Label -13 %
Brand: Smok Model: Smok-rpm-rba
129.90TL 150.00TL
Ex Tax:129.90TL
Aspire Nautilus Atomizer Head Aspire Nautilus Atomizer Head
-17 % Out of Stock
Brand: Aspire Model: asp-ntl07
 ASPİRE NAUTILUS ATOMİZER HEADAspire Nautilus Atomizer head is compatible with the mode devices. 1.8 Ohm is a product you can get the highest vapor. The battery of the device you want to use this atomizer title must be at least 3.3-6 watts or higher. Aspire Nautilus Atomizer the packa..
99.90TL 120.00TL
Ex Tax:99.90TL
Vaporesso GT8 0.15Ω GT Core Coil Vaporesso GT8 0.15Ω GT Core Coil
-9 % Out of Stock
Brand: Vaporesso Model: vprso-gt8-coil
Compatible Models :Vaporesso Revenger..
105.90TL 115.90TL
Ex Tax:105.90TL
Brand: Aspire Model: aspre-brze2-coil
The Aspire Breeze 2 The Aspire Breeze 2 is a 2-pod-style mod. These coils are specifically designed for the nic salts and they definitely get the job done! Using the Aspire U-Tech ste U alth shaped airflow, you can be stealthily vape without sacrificing flavor. Each pack comes with 5 coils, so you k..
99.90TL 105.00TL
Ex Tax:99.90TL
Brand: JustFog Model: jstfg-c601-krts
Original replacement cartridge for Justfog C601 pod mod. The box contains 3 empty original replacement cartridges.JUSTFOG C601 Replacement Pod Features:Refillable Pod System - Replaceable Cartridge1.7mL Maximum Liquid Capacity1.6ohm Atomizer CoilDouble Bottom Feed FillingPlug-in Connection..
84.90TL 109.90TL
Ex Tax:84.90TL
-9 % Out of Stock
Brand: JustFog Model: jstfg-mnft-kartus
JUSTFOG MINIFIT Replacement Pod Cartridges feature a cleverly designed 1.5 mL liquid refillable capsule with a simple sub-fill method for a wide range of delicious SaltNicotine. The atomizer core is integrated into the capsule using an organic cotton 1.6ohm coil which is closed to provide optimum st..
99.90TL 109.90TL
Ex Tax:99.90TL
Vaporesso GT-Mesh 0.18Ω Coil Vaporesso GT-Mesh 0.18Ω Coil
-9 % Out of Stock
Brand: Vaporesso Model: vprso-gt-mesh-coil
Vaporesso GT4 0.15Ω GT Core CoilThese replacement coils are intended to be used with several different Vaporesso Tanks. The GT Mesh Replacement Coil features a mesh design heats exponentially more evenly and faster due to the increased heating surface area! They also offer exceptionally better flavo..
105.00TL 114.90TL
Ex Tax:105.00TL
VooPoo Vinci Pnp Mesh Coil
Label -8 % Out of Stock
Advken - Manta RTA Atomizer Advken - Manta RTA Atomizer
Out of Stock
Model: advkn-manta-rta
Advken Manta RTA Tank Atomizer - 3 / 4.5ml, 4.5 ml capacity (3 ml with spare tube sleeve) is made of stainless steel and glass in a 24 mm diameter warehouse. The convenient top filling system design is suitable for airflow in gold-plated poles and bottom. It can be compatible with different wire typ..
Ex Tax:280.00TL
Eleaf EC Coil Eleaf EC Coil
-17 % Out of Stock
Brand: Eleaf Model: eleaf-ec-coil
Uyumlu Modeller :Istick Pico, Lemo 3, iJust 2, iJust 2 Mini, iJust S, Melo 2, Melo 3, Melo 3 Mini & Melo 3 Nano..
99.90TL 119.90TL
Ex Tax:99.90TL
Joyetech SS316 Atomizer Head Joyetech SS316 Atomizer Head
-10 % Out of Stock
Brand: Joyetech Model: ss316
89.90TL 99.90TL
Ex Tax:89.90TL
Joytech BF RBA Head Coil Joytech BF RBA Head Coil
Out of Stock
Brand: Joyetech Model: joyetech-rba-coil
Cubis AİOCUBİODeGrip2..
Ex Tax:50.00TL
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