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GeekVape Ammit Atomizer

GeekVape Ammit Atomizer
GeekVape Ammit Atomizer
GeekVape Ammit Atomizer
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GeekVape Ammit Atomizer
GeekVape Ammit Atomizer
GeekVape Ammit Atomizer
GeekVape Ammit Atomizer
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GeekVape Ammit Atomizer

Open the air ducts and enjoy the pleasure of GeekVape Ammit Atomizer. It is very easy to do this with Geek Vape Ammit because GeekVape Ammit has 3D air channels. Thanks to these air ducts, you will feel the flavor of the liquid you fill your tank to your brooms. Geek Vape Ammit RTA Atomizer is an atomizer tank with unique design and 3D air ducts. Geek Vape Ammit is a kind of atomizer tank. This atomizer tank is a kind of RTA atomizer. The RTA atomizer is the name given to the tank atomizers that can be reconfigured. Geek Vape Ammit has a very solid tank made of 3.5 ml Silica glass. All parts of the Geek Vape Ammit's exterior made of tempered glass are made of stainless steel. The three-dimensional air ducts of the Geek Vape Ammit atomizer tank, which is filled from the top, allow you to fully enjoy the taste and flavor of an aromatic electronic cigarette filled into a liquid tank. In addition, the gold-plated positive pin allows the Geek Vape Ammit to offer an unparalleled aroma experience. If you want to get maximum aroma taste from your electronic cigarette liquid, you should absolutely choose Geek Vape Ammit Atomizer. The Geek Vape Ammit with a single coil has a 10 mm drip type. The Geek Vape Ammit is an atomizer tank with a diameter of 22 mm, created from carefully selected beautiful pieces from the atomizer to the liquid tank. The Geek Vape Ammit, which is mounted on the electronic cigarette body thanks to the 510 screwing system, is an extremely useful RTA atomizer tank model with the Delrin Drip Type mouthpiece, the rewarmable atomizer, and the side lid leak control channels. Geek Vape Ammit has only stainless steel color options like other internet sites and countries.

GeekVape Ammit Atomizer Box Content:

1 Pieces Geek Vape Ammit RTA

1 Unit Replaceable Glass

1 Spare Parts Bag

1 6 Screw Screwdriver

GeekVape Ammit Atomizer Features:

Geek Vape Ammit is an Atomizer Model with 46 mm Length, 22 mm Diameter, 10 mm Drip Type.

Geek Vape has Amitt 510 Screwing System.

Geek Vape Ammit, Stainless Steel And Silica Glass Was Produced.

Geek Vape Ammit Has a 3.5-ml Tank.

Geek Vape Ammit is an RTA Atomizer. This means that the Atomizer Tank is the "Rebuildable Tank Atomizer".

Geek Vape is a tank filled with Ammit's Liquid Tank Tank.

Atomizer Tank Geek Vape Ammit Enables You to Receive Liquid Aromasin Full by 3D Air Duct Technology

Geek Vape Ammit, Has Replaceable Gold Plated Pinlere.

Geek Vape Ammit has a 10 mm Delrin Drip Type Mouthpiece.

What is RTA Atomizer?

RTA Atomizer is an abbreviation of "Rebuildable Tank Atomizer". This atomizer segment allows you to do atomizer coil winding. The RTA Atomizer Tank models that electronic cigarette smokers favor are formed by contacting the japanese cloth with coil wire. Likewise, if you want the atomizer coil to work well, be sure to wet the japanese cloth with some liquid and do not use the atomizer tank immediately. Geek Vape Ammit is an RTA Atomizer Tank Model on our site. As mentioned above, do not hurry to use this atomizer tank. Do not forget to soak the coil cotton (often called a japanese cloth) with liquid. Geek Vape Ammit The most prominent feature of the RTA Atomizer - unlike other RTAs - is that it has 3D air channels. These air ducts allow you to enjoy the wonderful taste of liquid on the atomizer.

3D Air Flow Specification

Geek Vape Ammit has three-dimensional air channel technology. This feature allows the atomizer to draw air into the tank as much as possible. This atomizer tank model, which should be absolutely preferred by experienced electronic cigarette users, allows you to taste the aroma of electronic cigarette liquor in a wonderful way. It is adjustable and has a gold plated pine.

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