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Bam Bam's Captain Premium Liquid (Grainfruit & Vanilla Cream Aroma) - 10 ml

Bam Bam's Captain Premium Liquid (Grainfruit & Vanilla Cream Aroma) - 10 ml
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Bam Bam's Captain Premium Liquid (Grainfruit & Vanilla Cream Aroma) - 10 ml
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VG / PG30 PG / 70 VG
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BamBam's Captain Premium Liquid 10 ml Electronic Cigarette Liquid (Cereal Cream & Vanilla Cream Aroma)

If you need flavor, once you've tried it, you'll never have to give up a great electronic cigarette liquita: BamBam's Captain Premium Electronic Cigarette Liquid. BamBam's Captain Premium is a great electronic cigarette liquid in every respect. BamBam's Captain Premium is produced by the "One Hit Wonder" manufacturer, which is used fondly and liked by experienced electronic cigarette users. The liquid is extremely tasty and has intense aroma. BamBam's Captain Premium comes in a special box with three 10 ml children's special plastic bottles. BamBam's Captain Premium has a level of 0, 3 nicotine. This rate of nicotine is valid for every bottle from BBamBam's Captain Premium Box. Bottles have child protection and can be easily carried on the pocket or in the bag. BamBam's Captain Premium is an electronic cigarette lighter used especially by users who love "One Hit Wonder" Liquids and are looking for sweet aroma. If you care about aroma and taste in electronic cigarettes, you should definitely try BamBam's Captain Premium. If you want to learn more about the famous Italian Sweet Cannoli and find out how delicious it is, you can do a little research on the internet.

BamBam's Captain Premium Liquid Features:

  • BamBam's Captain Premium has Grain Bread and Vanilla Cream Flavors. Liquid One Hit Produced by Wonder Liquid Producer.
  • BamBam's Captain Premium; Has a 10 ml Child-Protected Bottle.
  • BamBam's Captain Premium Has 0.3 Nicotine Ratio. Thanks to the maximum VG (vegetarian glycerin) ratio, it provides a very comfortable drink.
  • BamBam's Captain Premium has an Extremely Comfortable Mint.

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