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Battery - Rechargable Battery

You can find different electronic cigarettes and electronic hookah models very easily at our site ElektronikSigaraevi.US. Some models on our site have an internal battery. This makes the rechargeable battery, which is often used in electronic cigarette and electronic nargile models, useful. You can find electronic cigarettes, electronic hookah, e-liquid and premium e-liquid varieties you need on our site. Of course, our product options are not limited to these. Batteries known as "rechargeable batteries" in the market are also known as 18650 batteries. You can also find the chargers that you can use to charge the charged batteries on our site very comfortably.

Advantages of Using 18650 Battery

18650 battery models can be recharged repeatedly. This makes the models, also known as rechargeable batteries, extremely practical. If, on the other hand, you purchase a rechargeable battery charger from our site in addition to the charged charger, you will not have to destroy the charger housing of your device frequently. This also means a much longer usage time, especially for the modular battery bodies. Moreover, the rechargeable battery chargers are as small as you can carry with you. On our site you can find branded rechargeable battery chargers such as XTAR and Nitecore. Thus, by charging the battery out of the battery shell rather than the micro usb input, you can prevent the charging input of your device from becoming less deformed and use your electronic cigarette for a long time.

18650 Li-On Battery 18650 Li-On Battery
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Brand: sony Model: 18650-sony-vtc5
18650 Li-On Battery Electronic Cigarette BatterySony VTC5 18650 BatteryThe Sony VTC5 18650 Battery was first put on the market by Sony in 2012. Sony VTC5 is the name given to the rechargeable battery produced by Sony. Sony has recently driven the Sony VTC6 18650 Battery Pack to the market. Neverthel..
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18650 Li-On Battery
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Brand: lg Model: 18650-pil
18650 Li-On BatteryAll telescopic mode, voltage mode are set is 18650 and the appropriate types of batteries you can use your device for mechanical modes and Kick boxer mode to use.MAh battery may vary depending on the values of the brand and series usually be worth at least 2600 mAh.These batteries..
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Brand: Avatar Model: avatar-şarj
This product is compatible with Wismec RX300You can charge your phone by connecting it to your device's 510 Connector.Or you can charge your friend's Electronic Cigarette...
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Power-Xtra 18650 Battery 2000 mAh Power-Xtra 18650 Battery 2000 mAh
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Model: pwr-xtra-18650
Power Xtra 18650 Rechargeable BatteryNot Suitable for Electronic Cigarettes.The Power Xtra 18650 Rechargeable Battery distinguishes itself from the popular 18650 battery model, which is popular among users because it can be charged and used. The Power Xtra 18650 Charged Battery has 3.7 volt charge o..
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Brand: Red Kiwi Model: redkiwi650
RED KIWI EGO-T PILfeatures:T-ego electronic cigarette ego-tank e-cigarette kit is a manual backup battery.Lithium battery.capacity 1100mAhVoltage: 2.8 ~ 4.2 VBattery is full: 1000 inhalation2 ~ 3 hours Charging time:Battery Life: more than 1000 full charge and dischargeego and ego-T is compatible wi..
Ex Tax:35.00TL
Brand: sony Model: sony-vtc6
The Sony VTC6 battery is a high quality 18650 battery model, especially for users of mode electronic cigarettes. Mode electronic cigarettes have their own charging inputs. However, these charge inputs, which are usually micro - USB, are a big problem in the long run. If you use your device frequentl..
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Vision Spinner 650 mAh Battery Vision Spinner 650 mAh Battery
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Brand: Vision Model: vision-spinner
Vision Spinner 650 mAh BatteryFeatures:Capacity: 650 mAhVoltage: 3.3 ~ 4.2 V1.5 hours Charge time: ..
29.90TL 34.90TL
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Model: ntcr-nw-i2
NitecoreNew i2 Battery Charger is waiting for you on the site of to charge your rechargeable battery which is known as rechargeable battery on the market. It is not a problem to have the battery done with the battery charger which is produced to recharge the 18650 Battery rech..
119.00TL 149.00TL
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Aspire CF MAXX Batarya Pil
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Brand: Aspire Model: asp-cf-mod-01
Aspire CF MAXX Batarya Pil BatteryAspires CF mod is the largest addition to the CF (Carbon Fiber) series. Including similar functions as all the CF batteries (Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber Wrap, and Locking Feature) and accepts any 18650 battery to power the device. This device can keep up..
Ex Tax:170.00TL
Aspire CF Sub OHM Battery Aspire CF Sub OHM Battery
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Brand: Aspire Model: asp-cf-sub-ohm
CF battery Aspire series gives you the opportunity to experience the highest level of power system experience of electronic cigarettes. CF series, stainless steel ports, thanks to its metal buttons and carbon fiber is manufactured to work with the best to be found in a standard battery. Aspire CF Su..
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Aspire CF VV 1600 mAh Batarya Aspire CF VV 1600 mAh Batarya
Out of Stock
Brand: Aspire Model: asp-1600
The Aspire CF Battery series are high-end e-cigarette power systems. This battery series features stainless steel endpoints, a metal button, and a carbon fiber coated tube. The following three models make up the CF Battery Series: G-power, VV, and Passthrough. The Aspire CF Batteries contain a revol..
Ex Tax:145.00TL
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