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Dinner Lady Summer - Black Orange Crush

Dinner Lady Summer - Black Orange Crush
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Dinner Lady Summer - Black Orange Crush
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VG / PG70 PG / 30 VG
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Dinner Lady Summer Black Orange Crush - Black Grapefruit / Orange and Refreshing Menthol

With the Dinner Lady Summer series, we opened a new category in the Premium liquid series that will allow us to feel the coolness of the ice cube fridge in the summer when there is plenty of tempur on the summer months, and provoke a big appetite against electronic cigarettes with the summer liquid category. With the menthol in liquid form, we have succeeded in making ourselves successful in the business of Dinner Lady who can not feel the ice coldness and this success proved to our cigarette smokers. You will be amazed by these blends that will keep us from the sea in the summer months.

DinnerLady Summer Black Orange Crush

  • A mixture of black currant and a lot of orange juice.
  • Premiumlikit is the most talked about perfect summer days blended with menthol.
  • Perfect balance with 70VG% 30PG.
  • Reliable use thanks to child lock.

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