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Drip Tip

Drip Type / E - Cigarette Mouthpiece

The electronic cigarette nozzles, also known as the Drip Tip, are the most important part of a great electronic cigarette experience. Driftip, Driptips, and so on, are distinguished by very different names and they are produced from very different materials. Drip type models produced from different materials include drip type models such as glass, metal, silicon and pyrex. You can choose to use whatever you like from these models, and you can enjoy your electronic cigarette as you like. The Drip Type is mounted on the steam extraction parts of the electronic cigarette devices.

These electronic cigarette nozzles, which have a simple structure, are known by different names such as drip type, driptip, driptips in electronic cigarette glass. Driptip mouthpieces are thought not to affect the flavor and aroma you get from electronic cigarette smoke. But this is a false view. An electronic cigarette mouthpiece or drip tip provides you with aroma and flavor based on the difference in the material it is made of. The electronic cigarette mouthpiece is one of the integral parts of an electronic cigarette. One of the most important reasons for this is the availability of electronic cigarette mouthwear models, referred to as drip type, for hygiene. Driptip is a simple piece that can easily be changed when your electronic cigarette is used by different people. This keeps your hygiene at the same time different people smoke from your electronic cigarette. If you are looking for a hygienic and drip-proof drip type model, you can easily choose the driptip models made of glass, metal or ceramic.

Model: DT-100
Drip Tip(510) - DT100..
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Ex Tax:14.99TL
Drip Tip(510) - DT121
-50 % Out of Stock
Model: DT-121
Drip Tip(510) - DT121..
14.99TL 29.99TL
Ex Tax:14.99TL
Drip Tip(510) - DT123
-50 % Out of Stock
Model: DT-123
Drip Tip(510) - DT123..
14.99TL 29.99TL
Ex Tax:14.99TL
Model: K21-driptip
This is compatible for models such as Driptip Griffin 25 Atomizer, Griffin 25 Plus Atomizer, Smok TFV Atomizer...
Ex Tax:20.00TL
Model: rc-01
Electronic cigarette mouth (sipsi) imported from SwitzerlandThanks to its aluminum body, it has a steam cooling feature.Reduces liquid temperature by 50%.There are 4 color options available.No scratch wear to 2 years.24mm ATOMIZERLY FLOOR..
Ex Tax:17.00TL
Bright Driptip 528 Short Bright Driptip 528 Short
Out of Stock
Model: drp-tp-528-ksa-prlk
Made of high quality and lightweight aluminum metal, the Drip Type 528 offers you both a hygienic and dense electronic cigarette or electronic hookah experience...
Ex Tax:25.00TL
Drip Tip(510) - DT122
-50 % Out of Stock
Model: DT-122
Drip Tip(510) - DT122..
14.99TL 29.99TL
Ex Tax:14.99TL
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