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Eleaf Lyche Atomizer

Eleaf Lyche Atomizer
Eleaf Lyche Atomizer
Eleaf Lyche Atomizer
Eleaf Lyche Atomizer
Eleaf Lyche Atomizer
Eleaf Lyche Atomizer
Eleaf Lyche Atomizer
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Eleaf Lyche Atomizer

Lyche Eleaf Atomizer is an atomizer designed for electronic cigarette users looking for an extremely powerful atomizer for electronic cigarettes. Lyche Eleaf Atomizer, which you absolutely have to choose for an enormous electronic cigarette experience, has solved the problem of liquid leaks caused by many electronic cigarette users with its special notch coil structure. If you are looking for a different and special atomizer from the mouthpiece (drip type) to the glass tank, here is your opportunity. Lyche Eleaf Atomizer has a liquid tank made of special glass, a wonderful body made of stainless steel, SS316L temperature control system; Is a high performance and useful atomizer tank. This atomizer tank has a 4-ml liquid tank. The liquid tank has a liquid impermeable structure. Lyche Eleaf Atomizer is an RBA atomizer. This term means that the atomizer can be reconfigured and is quite common among electronic cigarette smokers. This wonderful atomizer tank, added to the electronic cigarette body with the 510 screwing system, has a diameter of 22 mm. However, Lyche Eleaf Atomizer is offered to you with a coil of 0.25ohm. This rate, which is very low for electronic cigarettes, causes the atomizer tank to give very strong steam. Lyche Eleaf Atomizer can be easily filled from the liquid section just above the tank. Thanks to the controllable air ducts, you can use the atomizer, which has a very effective use, with almost any kind of electronic cigarette. This wonderful atomizer, which is made of stainless steel from almost all parts from the mouthpiece (drip type) to the body of the grip and the top cover, will leave you happy by giving you intense steam as well as by killing your enjoyment.

Lyche Eleaf Atomizer Box Content:

  • 1 Lyche Eleaf Atomizer
  • 1 piece 0.25 Ohm NC Atomizer Head
  • 1 pair Double 0.25 Ohm Atomizer Head
  • 1 User's Manual
  • 2 Seal Ring

Eleaf Lyche Atomizer Dimensions:

Height: 59 mm

Diameter: 22 mm

Capacity: 4 ml

Screwdriver Screw: 510 Screwdriver Screwdriver

Housing Material: Stainless Steel

Eleaf Lyche Atomizer Features:

  • Lyche Eleaf Atomizer is manufactured from stainless steel, from the mouthpiece (drip type) part to the body.
  • Lyche Eleaf Atomizer has a liquid tank of his own. This Liquid Tank is 4 ml. All the parts of the tank which has leak proof characteristics are produced from Stainless Steel.
  • Lyche Eleaf Atomizer 510 is an Atomizer with a Screwing System.
  • Lyche Eleaf Atomizer is also an RBA Atomizer.
  • Lyche Eleaf Atomizer Has Adjustable Air Ducts At The Same Time.
  • Lyche Eleaf Atomizer is an Atomizer that gives a dense steam.
  • Lyche Eleaf Atomizer reaches you with many add-ons that make it easy to use.

Why should I use Eleaf Lyche Atomizer?

First of all, Lyche Eleaf Atomizer is an extremely powerful atomizer. The Lyche Eleaf Atomizer is a high-capacity, leak-proof tank with a very comfortable handling and high steam. It has a 4-ml liquid tank and is completely made of stainless steel. These properties, which the atomizer possesses, extend from the atomizer's body to the mouthpiece (drip tip). Lyche Eleaf Atomizer has the title of 0.25 Ohm atomizer. The atomizer heads with a very low ohms of SOn cause the electronic cigarette atomizer to generate a very dense vapor. Lyche Eleaf Atomizer is an atomizer tank with 510 screwdriving system. It has high-density steam capacity thanks to its adjustable air ducts. Lyche Eleaf Atomizer has modes such as TC / TC SS / ByPass / VW and gives you the full aroma of your electronic cigarette liquor. Provide. Lyche Eleaf Atomizer is filled from the side of the tank. Lyche Eleaf Atomizer, with its extremely robust structure, is waiting for experienced electronic cigarette users on our site.

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