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Charlies Chalk Dust - Slam Berry 30 ml (Strawberry - Ice Cream)
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Brand: Charlies Chalk Dust Model: ccd-sb
Charlie's Chalk Dust - Slam Berry (Strawberry And Ice Cream Aroma)Ice cream and Charlie's Chalk Dust is flavored with strawberry flavor - strawberry ice cream with berry Slam You can also enjoy you. Charlie's Chalk Dust Slam Berry sweetened with a strawberry ice cream flavor is a premium electronic ..
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Charlies Chalk Dust - True Berry Sugar Knife 30 ml (Pineapple - Pancake - Blackberry)
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Brand: Charlies Chalk Dust Model: ccd-tbsk
Charlies Chalk Dust - True Berry Sugar Knife (Pineapple - Pankek - Blackberry Aroma)Charlie's Chalk Dust - True Berry With Sugar Knife, you get both pineapple and pankek and blackberry flavors. If you want to have this super premium electronic cigarette flavor instantly with a unique combination of ..
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Charlies Chalk Dust - Wonder Worm 30ml (Gummy - Sweet Tarts)
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Brand: Charlies Chalk Dust Model: ccd-ww
Charlie's Chalk Dust Wonder Worm (Gum and Sweet Tart Aroma)Among electronic cigarette liquors, it is possible to encounter many aromas, especially among premium liquid varieties. Cake, cream, fruit, coffee, ice cream, milkshake and more! But if you are looking for an electronic cigarette liquor with..
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Model: claptonwire-coil
Wires ;Fused Clapton Coil 0.45ohmTiger Coil 0.36ohmClapton Coil 0.85ohmFlat Twisted Coil 0.36ohmMix Twisted Coil 0.45ohmQuad Coil 0.36ohmHive Coil 0.50ohmAlien Clapton Coil 0.45ohm..
Ex Tax:80.00TL
Brand: eGo Model: egoarac
Ego Electronic Cigarette Car ChargingThis product the posibility to charge your electronic cigarette in car..
Ex Tax:6.00TL
EGO USB Charger Apparatus
Brand: eGo Model: ego-sarj
USB BATTERY CHARGER FOR eGO 510 VAPORIZER PENOnput Type : 4.2V 420mAinput Type : 5V 500mAGreen Light:  No battery connected or battery is fully chargedRed Light:  Battery is charging  (it is normal for the LED to flash green for a split second at regular intervals.  This is the c..
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Eleaf EC Coil Eleaf EC Coil
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Brand: Eleaf Model: eleaf-ec-coil
Uyumlu Modeller :Istick Pico, Lemo 3, iJust 2, iJust 2 Mini, iJust S, Melo 2, Melo 3, Melo 3 Mini & Melo 3 Nano..
99.90TL 119.90TL
Ex Tax:99.90TL
Brand: Eleaf Model: eleaf-lyche
Eleaf Lyche AtomizerLyche Eleaf Atomizer is an atomizer designed for electronic cigarette users looking for an extremely powerful atomizer for electronic cigarettes. Lyche Eleaf Atomizer, which you absolutely have to choose for an enormous electronic cigarette experience, has solved the problem of l..
Ex Tax:170.00TL
Eleaf Pico Melo 3 Atomizer Eleaf Pico Melo 3 Atomizer
Out of Stock
Brand: Eleaf Model: eleaf-melo-3
Melo 3 AtomizerIn some sources, Melo 3 Atomizer is Melo III Atomizer, the atomizer has its own tank. The Melo 3 Atomizer is a superior feature atomizer from the quality of the material used to its performance. Atomizer is made of stainless steel from mouthpiece to atomizer part. The Melo 3 Atomizer ..
Ex Tax:160.00TL
Brand: Eleaf Model: eleaf-pico-mini-cam
You can continue to reuse your broken atomizer with Eleaf Pico Spare Glass...
Ex Tax:30.00TL
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