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EGO Charger Apparatus (USB+Wall)

EGO Charger Apparatus (USB+Wall)
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EGO Charger Apparatus (USB+Wall)
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EGO Charger Apparatus (USB+Wall)

E Cigarette, Electronic Cigarette Ego-T / Ego-C Usb Charger Apparatus,

2.5 Hour Fast Charge

Onput Type : 4.2V 420mA
input Type : 5V 500mA

Green Light:  No battery connected or battery is fully charged

Red Light:  Battery is charging  (it is normal for the LED to flash green for a split second at regular intervals.  This is the charger checking to see if the battery is fully charged)

It is compatible with all models of the ego. Red Kiwi, 69 delirium, delirium, Swiss, Janty Neo, ego-c ego-t and you can charge a lot more product. Battery 9mm thickness of not more than 510 products in the screwdriving system can be charged. Simply plug into any USB port. Your computer and your phone charger that you can plug into the wall bracket.

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