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Flavour Art Burley Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Flavour Art Burley Electronic Cigarette Liquid
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Flavour Art Burley Electronic Cigarette Liquid
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Flavor Art Liquids are produced in 100% Italy. Flavor Art Liquids have a lot of aroma. These flavors offer a wide range of uses to the user. Flavor Art Liquids with 10 ml bottles and specially protected lids are also very popular with their taste. Nicotine levels of Flavor Art Liquids range from 0 mg to 0.9 mg to 1.8 mg. Flavor Art Liquids produced from quality PG can only be used by mixing with other liquids. Flavor Art Liquids, with its special protective cover for children, intense aroma and flavor and a variety of products not found in any other liquid brand, is waiting for its valuable users who pay attention to flavor and taste in liquid at

One of Flavor Art's tobacco-flavored liquids is Flavor Art Burley Tobacco flavored liquid. Offering the flavor of special Kentucky tobacco to you, this wonderful tobacco is an extremely rich flavored liquid as well as an aromatic, rich, soft drink. Tobacco-flavored liquids are often used with other liquids. If you would like to use a great tobacco-flavored liquid that you can use alone with other ingredients, you can choose Burley. Burley offers you a rich flavor of tobacco and a unique user experience. If you are the only one who can use Flavour Art Burley if you are looking for a tobacco-flavored liquid that you can mix with other blends. Use only 1% or 2% of the time to mix Burley with other aromas. Flavor Art Burley will be waiting for you at Flavor Art Burley's unique Kentucky tobacco flavor, which meets your precious electronic cigarette user with a special 10 ml bottle, child-proof cap promises you a great drinking experience.

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