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Flavour Art Apple - Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Flavour Art Apple - Electronic Cigarette Liquid
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Flavour Art Apple - Electronic Cigarette Liquid
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Flavour Art Electronic Cigarette Liquid - Nuts

High-quality custom manufacturing
Special needle cap bottle of UV
Safety strip for the first time
All electronic cigarette refill cartridges compatible fluid.
Play a major role in smoking cessation options of various flavors and nicotine levels.
Yellowing of the teeth, does not create secondhand smoke or bad smell. (Used in confined spaces)
Plump vapor and taste (with a feeling of real smoking smoking cessation warranty)
Locking lid for child protection
Tar, carbon monoxide and the other does not contain carcinogenic substances.
Suppliers worldwide, our company has a large volume and common e-liquid manufacturer.
All our products are sent in sealed packages unopened caps.


Non-smokers, 18 years old, and women during pregnancy should not use liquid containing nicotine.
Through direct oral liquid filling liquids smoking.
Within the reach of children and pets to keep.
Content therapeutic nicotine found in nicotine dependence and average finish is only for 2-3 months after the transition to the liquid nicotine is recommended.

E-Liquid Content:

Vegetable glycerin, natural flavor essences, Therapeutic nicotine
ECO, FDA, KFDA and SGS certified

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