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Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette models, which are known as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes in domestic and foreign sources, are waiting for you at You can reach electronic cigarette models at every price and performance range through our site until you get to the simpler and more convenient models, which are called the "hold" mode electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, which have become more widespread in the world and in our country in recent days, have been revealed by researches that are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes and tobacco products. This product is designed to completely replace the cigarette. If you want to get rid of cigarette addiction, you can stop using tobacco products by choosing an electronic cigarette. The increasing use of electronic cigarettes facilitates the release of tobacco products such as cigarettes, water pipes, cigars and pipes, which are the most harmful of tobacco products. It does this by providing you with nicotine without toxic toxins. Contrary to what is known, electronic cigarette (also referred to as e-cig / vaping device / vapor in foreign countries) is a product that provides steam to the user, not smoke.

Electronic Cigarette / Electronic Hookah Differences

Electronic cigarettes and electronic hookahs are not much different from each other. Basically, both device categories are similar to each other. Electronic hookah is basically a mode electronic cigarette and is a much more professional device than a typical electronic cigarette in terms of steam capacity and density and has a higher vape cloud capacity.

Eleaf Pico Squeeze Electronic Cigarette Eleaf Pico Squeeze Electronic Cigarette
Out of Stock
Brand: Eleaf Model: eleaf-pico-squeeze
Eleaf Pico SqueezeEleaf Pico Squeeze, küçük boyutlu ve yüksek performanslı elektronik sigara arayan kullanıcıların severek kullanacakları bir elektronik sigara modelidir. Eleaf Pico Squeeze, son derece küçük bir gövde yapısına sahiptir ve bu gövdede likit tankının yanında bir adet 18650pil yuvası bu..
Ex Tax:225.00TL
Electronic Cigar Electronic Cigar
Out of Stock
Model: ese-25
Domino Electronic CigarOur new product that works with the logic of the electronic cigarette Domino Electronic Cigar for cigar lovers.appearance and size is the size of a cigar electronic cigar as you will quit smoking and cigar to enjoy.The most important feature of the product is disposa..
Ex Tax:50.00TL
Elips Sole Elektronik Sigara Elips Sole Elektronik Sigara
Out of Stock
Brand: Janty Model: sole001
ELİPS SOLE ELEKTRONİK SİGARA 1 ADET LİKİT HEDİYELİ SETElips SoleOval, eli kavrayan tasarımı ile eGo Serisi ve benzeri cihazlardan sıkılan ve daha fazla performans, şıklık isteyen kullanıcılar için özel tasarlanmış bir modeldir. Heryerde bulabileceginiz ince uçlu şarj cihazıyla şarj aleti arama sorun..
Ex Tax:139.00TL
Halo Midnight Apple E-liquid
Out of Stock
Brand: Halo Model: hlo-prm-mdnght
Halo Midnight Apple (Apple and Tobacco Aroma)Do ordinary tobacco flavors no longer seem exotic or attractive to you? Do not worry because there is now Halo Midnight Apple. Having apple and tobacco flavors, Halo Midnight Apple is the best apple and tobacco-flavored electronic cigarette liquor you'll ..
Ex Tax:59.90TL
Halo Reactor 75W Shorty Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette Halo Reactor 75W Shorty Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette
Out of Stock
Brand: Halo Model: halo-reactor
Halo Reactor 75W Shorty Starter Kit (TC)THIS PRODUCT IS USED IN ACCORDANCE WITH 18650 BATTERIES. THE BATTERY IS NOT IN THE BOX INSIDE.Halo, now with the Halo Reactor 75W Shorty Starter Kit (TC), is the favorite of users with the initial electronic cigarettes they produce. The Halo Reactor 75W Shorty..
Ex Tax:270.00TL
Halo Triton Starter Kit Halo Triton Starter Kit
Sıcak Out of Stock
Brand: Halo Model: halo-starter-kit
Triton Tank system is designed to provide the most consistent vaping experience. Ion Triton core technology delivers long battery life and a tight tank design creates a superior vapor production.Triton Starter Kit includes:650 mAh batteryCrystal Clear 2.4ml tankUSB ChargerHalo Premium E-Liquid 10ml ..
Ex Tax:49.00TL
Hugo Vapor Boxer Rader Electronic Cigarette Hugo Vapor Boxer Rader Electronic Cigarette
Out of Stock
Brand: Hugo Vapor Model: hugo-vapor-br
Hugo Vapor Boxer Radar Mode Electronic Cigarette StandWhat about a mod shell with security certificates with different body design? Hugo Vapor Boxer Radar Box Mode Electronic Cigarette Stand is a mod electronic cigarette door with ROHS Certificate. Hugo Vapor Boxer Radar Box Mode Electronic Cigarett..
Ex Tax:299.00TL
INDIGO Electronic Cigarette INDIGO Electronic Cigarette
Out of Stock
Model: ind001
INDIGO ELECTRONIC CIGARETTEReal-looking electronic cigarette. , E CigaretteIndigo Electronic Cigarette (New Design) is now combined with the new XL 340mah battery.Smoking is a real-looking. top lights up when taking the smoke.- 280mAh XL battery (400 breaths)- Real-cigarette size and appearance..
Ex Tax:129.00TL
Innokin Smartbox Kit - Electronic Cigarette Innokin Smartbox Kit - Electronic Cigarette
Out of Stock
Model: innkn-smrtbx
Innokin Smartbox KitThe Innokin SmartBox Kit is a starting set of one InnoKin SmartBox body and one iSubV tank. When you receive this starter kit, you do not need to have an extra atomizer tank to deliver high-density steam to your electronic cigarette. The InnoKin SmartBox Kit has the size of a pal..
Ex Tax:300.00TL
InnovationBG 510 T Electronic Cigarette InnovationBG 510 T Electronic Cigarette
Out of Stock
Model: elk-25
InnovationBG 510 T Electronic CigaretteReal-looking electronic cigarette . 2 Piece510 -T Electronic Cigarette with stylish looks will be helpful in smoking cessation .Smoking is a real -looking . LEDs light up while drinking- 280mAh Battery- Non size and appearance- Tank system cartridges ..
Ex Tax:119.00TL
iTaste iCube Electronic Cigarette iTaste iCube Electronic Cigarette
Out of Stock
Model: istas1
1 Piece Original Dekang Liquid Giftitaste vv itaste a special series on the battery and iClear is clearatomiz use.Very convenient and very stylish pen-shaped pocket will stop.New generation of electronic smoking devices within the itaste vv is the most outstanding products.And his use of satiety can..
Ex Tax:195.00TL
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