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Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

You can find all models of the electonic cigarettes   on our website  Elektronik Sigara Evi, the leader  in Turkey. In this category you can examine the initial model and advanced E cigarette models. We have the Best and Cheapest Electronic Cigarettes  models,  you can get information customer service representative or our online support section (at the bottom right of our page).   You can review electronic cigarette models Joyetech Electronic Cigarette, Red Kiwi, Aspire, Kangertech, oval, Delirium (delirium) .If you are looking for professional products, you can check Mode Device at the Battery and atomizer categories .

What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is a product that is placed in the tank or vaporizes the liquid tobacco thanks to the coil part in the atomizer coil. Electronic cigarettes carry out this process with the power they get from the batteries, resulting in a much healthier, smelling, nicotine-containing vapor. Our site or another electronic cigarette supplier. If someone calls you electronic cigarettes completely healthy, do not believe them. Electronic cigarette is harmful. However, electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful than cigarettes and traditional tobacco products.

Is it possible to quit smoking with electronic cigarette?

Leaving the cigarette is entirely about you. You can leave the cigarette if you call yourself this goal. Electronic cigarettes are products that facilitate the quit smoking process. These products take the place of the cigarette and the process of leaving the cigarette makes it much easier for the cigarette user. Is Electronic Smoking Health Harmful? Electronic cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes. Nevertheless, electronic cigarettes can not be completely healthy. Nevertheless, it has also been revealed that electronic cigarettes allow you to obtain toxins and toxic chemicals free of nicotine.

Which Electronic Cigarette Model Should You Prefer?

If you are just beginning to use electronic cigarettes, the electronic cigarette models in the beginner level category will be ideal for you. In addition, you can move to more professional electronic cigarette models in the future. Professional electronic cigarettes are generally electronic cigarettes, also known as mod electronic cigarettes or mod boxes. Simple models, also called Vape-Pen, are the e-cigarette models that users who prefer to use electronic cigarettes can choose.

Electronic Cigarette? Vapor Device Or E-Cig?

Electronic cigarettes are called by many different names in many different sources. Electronic cigarette models are often referred to by names such as vapor device or e-cig. More advanced and detailed electronic cigarette models are called mod electronic cigarettes and these devices are also called electronic hookah.

Smok İnfinix 1 + İnfinix Cartridge + 1 Big Boss Liquid Smok İnfinix 1 + İnfinix Cartridge + 1 Big Boss Liquid
Label -15 %
Brand: Smok Model: infinix-kampanya
Smok Infinix Pod Electronic CigaretteThe SMOK Infinix pod electronic cigarette is referred to as Portable Ultra Portable ”on many sites and sold to consumers. There are many different factors that play a role in the name of the product. Extremely small yet useful, the Infinix Pod is lightweight and ..
289.00TL 339.00TL
Ex Tax:289.00TL
Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Starter Kit
-11 % Out of Stock
Brand: Vaporesso Model: vaporesso-sky-solo-plus
319.00TL 359.00TL
Ex Tax:319.00TL
Vaporesso Swag 2 Electronic Cigarette Vaporesso Swag 2 Electronic Cigarette
-6 % Out of Stock
Vaporesso Swag Electronic Cigarette Vaporesso Swag Electronic Cigarette
-7 % Out of Stock
Brand: Vaporesso Model: vaporesso-swag
Vaporesso Swag Kit Electronic CigaretteBox Mode If you are among the best, here is the Vaporesso Swag Kit Electronic Cigarette. This newest device from Vaporesso, which E-cigarettes are familiar with and likes their products, will satisfy all users who expect steam density and small dimensions from ..
389.90TL 419.00TL
Ex Tax:389.90TL
Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Vaporesso Revenger X Kit
-13 % Out of Stock
Brand: Vaporesso Model: vprso-rvngr-x
Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Description WritingMeet the next step in electronic cigarette smoking. The Revenger X Kit, with its unique body-mounted display, two 18650 battery shafts, the Notch Coil system, a top-loading 5-ml tank and most importantly the Omni 2.2 Chip Structure, is what you can see at ..
479.90TL 550.00TL
Ex Tax:479.90TL
Vaporesso Switcher With NRG Kit 220W - Elektronic Cigaratte Vaporesso Switcher With NRG Kit 220W - Elektronic Cigaratte
-9 % Out of Stock
Brand: Vaporesso Model: vprsso-swtcher-kit
Vaporesso Switcher With NRG Kit 220W ---- 2ML Tank----    Vaporesso Switcher With NRG Kit 220W - Electronic Cigarette can reach up to 220 Wata. Colorful lighting gives a stylish look. Thanks to the exchangeable mode sheath, the color will provide a slip-proof possibility both in ..
499.00TL 549.00TL
Ex Tax:499.00TL
Think Vape - Thor 200W Mod Think Vape - Thor 200W Mod
-31 % Out of Stock
Model: think-vape-thor
Sadece Mod Kısımdır Elektronik Sigara Değildir......
344.90TL 500.00TL
Ex Tax:344.90TL
iJoy Captain Mod iJoy Captain Mod
Out of Stock
Smok X-Priv - 225W Kit Smok X-Priv - 225W Kit
-12 % Out of Stock
Brand: Smok Model: smok-x-priv-kit
X-Priv is a perfect combination of power and flexibility.The windscreen gives you a luxurious look and a high-resolution screen.The newly designed user interface can be used more simply and functionally than other products. And the output power can go up to 225W,It meets the pleasures of Steam Hunte..
529.00TL 599.00TL
Ex Tax:529.00TL
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