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Five Pawns - Castle Long - 60ml

Five Pawns - Castle Long - 60ml
Five Pawns - Castle Long - 60ml
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Five Pawns - Castle Long - 60ml
Five Pawns - Castle Long - 60ml
Five Pawns - Castle Long - 60ml
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Five Pawns Castle Long (Vanilla - Bourbon - Almond - Coconut)

Five Pawns Castle Long, Five rich aroma ar in the dictionary. Castle Long; Madagascar Vanilla, Kentucky Bourbon, roasted almonds, roasted coconut and caramelized brown sugar aroma. Five Pawns Castle Long, known as the legend in the e-cigarette world because of this unique aroma compound, is one of the most popular and popular e-liquid content of the brand. Castle Long belongs to the brand's ”Original” product category.

Five Pawns Castle Long (Original) has bottle sizes ranging from 30 ML to 60 ML. These bottles are found in a sleek hard cardboard cylinder, just like any other e-liquid content of the brand. The bottle of Castle Long also has a child lock. Castle Long also has versions with 0 - 18 mg nicotine levels. The rich flavored e-liquid content also provides a balanced sugar content with 50 PG - 50 VG. In addition, Five Pawns Castle Long has absolutely no artificial sweeteners.

Five Pawns Castle Long is also ideal for e-cigarette models with MTL atomizers with 50 PG to 50 PG. Five Pawns Castle Long is an e-liquid content used by e-cigarette users in Turkey.

Five Pawns Let's talk about Castle Long's vanilla content in more detail. Kentucky Bourbon is a Bourbon variety that carries fragrance and flavor. Although there is Bourbon aroma in electronic cigarette liquor, no liquid content is definitely present in alcohol. The exotic vanilla flavor of Five Pawns, which adds a different flavor to the Castle Long aroma, comes from Madagascar. Five Pawns Castle Long's roasted almonds and coconut make the liquid content more complex and unique. The roasted - caramelized brown sugar in the aroma adds a separate air of liquid.

Five Pawns (Original) Castle Long e-liquids are all easily accessible from our site. Castle Long's legendary aroma causes other liquid and aroma producers to produce with the same name.

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