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Five Pawns - Bowden's Mate - 60ml

Five Pawns - Bowden's Mate - 60ml
Five Pawns - Bowden's Mate - 60ml
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Five Pawns - Bowden's Mate - 60ml
Five Pawns - Bowden's Mate - 60ml
Five Pawns - Bowden's Mate - 60ml
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Five Pawns Bowden Ns Mate (Chocolate - Mint - Vanilla)

Five more e-liquids from the Five Pawns, which are very careful about the quality of the aroma, will open your taste horizon: Five Pawns Bowden son s Mate. It offers a combination of natural chocolate, vanilla and mint aroma. In addition to the pungent chocolate and mint flavor, there is also a French vanilla flavor and flavor. Balance and intense refreshment is now with you!

Five Pawns Bowden bir s Mate is an e-liquefied product, known as the ”Original ategor brand of the brand. Bowden id s Mate is a high quality e-liquid content with a 50 VG to 50 PG ratio. This e-liquid reaches you in a sleek - cylindrical can as well as the other Five Pawns e-liquid products, and the bottle size ranges from 30 ML to 60 ML. In addition, Five Pawns Bowden makta s Mate has nicotine levels ranging from 0 mg to 18 mg.

Chocolate is one of the most difficult aromas to produce. Again in e-liquids, there are many chocolate aromas and more sugary content. Five Pawns Bowden sentetik s Mate, on the other hand, has a highly balanced sugar content and no synthetic material is used in the production of e-liquid. The French vanilla, the dominant chocolate aroma and the pungent flavor of the peppermint aroma offer you a quality - original e-liquid aroma that you can use all day long and give you refreshment.

The Five Pawns Bowden b s Mate also offers an effective throat strike due to its high PG rate. If you are good with mint e-liquid content and you also want to taste chocolate and vanilla flavor, you can choose Bowdenızs Mate. In addition to these features, the Five Pawns Bowden ve s Mate is ideal for users who prefer smoking, and for those who have just stopped smoking. You can reach the original Five Pawns Bowden ’s Mate from our website.

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