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Five Pawns - Gambit - 60ml

Five Pawns - Gambit - 60ml
Five Pawns - Gambit - 60ml
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Five Pawns - Gambit - 60ml
Five Pawns - Gambit - 60ml
Five Pawns - Gambit - 60ml
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Five Pawns Gambit (Apple Pie - Vanilla Ice Cream - Cream)

Try the apple pie aroma and the Five Pawns! Moreover, with the whipped cream dense cream and vanilla granulated flavor. The aroma master brings together the most loved - tasted and delicious aromas to give you a unique aroma experience. Five Pawns Gambit is one of the most delicious Five Pawns e-liquids you can prefer.

Five Pawns Gambit is a very delicious premium e-liquid content stored in 30 ML and 60 ML glass bottles. This unique e-liquid has nicotine values ​​ranging from 0 mg to 18 mg of nicotine. With its balanced PG-VG ratio, the Five pawns Gambit, especially for users who want to experience a cigarette-like experience, is stored in a cylinder-lid box, just like the other Five Pawns e-liquid content. The Five Pawns Gambit e-liquid, which reaches you in a high-quality glass bottle, also has a cap with a child lock and a glass dropper. The Five Pawns Gambit also belongs to the brand's “The Original anda category.

E-liquid is one of the most successful e-liquids of Five Pawns, which is extremely sensitive to flavors. Fresh baked apple pie with freshly baked crispy pastry, delicious whipped cream, whipped cream from fresh milk and vanilla ice cream with vanilla beans. All these flavors are waiting for you in the unique e-liquid content of Five Pawns. The Five Pawns Gambit also carries traces of very small amounts of caramel and French vanilla flavors. As with all the other Five Pawns e-liquid content, the Gambit, which is produced with care, takes its name from the opening moves in chess.

For every penny you pay for itself, the Five Pawns are ideal for those who want to get a similar experience to the Gambit cigarette smoking atomizer models or cigarette smoking. With a mild sugary taste and an effective throat strike, you'll soon be addicted to it. Five Pawns Gambit is all you need to order from our site. As with the other Five Pawns e-liquid products on our site, Five Pawns Gambit is also completely original.

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