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Five Pawns - Symmetry Six - 60ml

Five Pawns - Symmetry Six - 60ml
Five Pawns - Symmetry Six - 60ml
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Five Pawns - Symmetry Six - 60ml
Five Pawns - Symmetry Six - 60ml
Five Pawns - Symmetry Six - 60ml
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Five Pawns Symmetry Six (Strawberry, Fruit Candy, Milk, Graham Cracker, Oats)

In the electronic cigarette world, we know that many premium liquid producers offer aromas of milk, strawberries and Graham Crackers. In contrast, the Five Pawns Symmetry Six comes with a richer and more complex e-liquid aroma. Five Pawns Symmetry Six, Strawberry, Milk, Graham Cracker, Fruit Flavor aroma. Before you talk about this rich aroma in detail, let's start with the other features of Siymmetry Six.

Five Pawns Symmetry Six belongs to the brand's product category, also known as ”Original Five. In addition, the Five Pawns Symmetry Six, stored in 30 ML or 60 ML bottles, has nicotine ratios ranging from 0 mg to 18 mg and 50 VG to 50 PG. Five-Pawns The small cylinder in which the Symmetry Six is ​​stored is sleek and prevents the liquid bottle from breaking during shipping. The bottle of E-liquid content is made of high quality glass, has a child lock and also allows you to easily fill the e-cigarette tanks with a dropper.

The e-liquid has a very balanced content thanks to its 50 VG to 50 PG ratio and the taste of the liquid is not overly sweet even though it offers a sweetened e-liquid content to the users who have recently stopped smoking and smoking. In addition, the electronic cigarette liquid, which offers an effective throat strike, is one of the most popular e-liquids with its rich and soft e-liquid content.

As you know milk and strawberry in the market is one of the most popular aroma mixture. In addition to milk - strawberry aromas, Chara- cake flavors also offer Graham Crackers and oat flavor. While Five Pawns offers you a mixture of e-liquid aroma similar to cheesecake aroma, it has a balanced sugar content and no artificial sweeteners are used in production. If you want to reach a rich e-liquid content with a balanced combination of 6 flavors, you can order right now. Five Pawns Symmetry Six will not let you down with the aroma balance.

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