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Flavor Art, which we are familiar with with its unique and easy-to-drink electronic cigarette liquitice varieties, now allows you to make your own electronic cigarette liqueur varieties. With Flavour Art Aroma you can add the aroma you want to your electronic cigarette liquid types or you can add unique flavor touches to your non-dominant e-liquid varieties. The Flavor Art Aroma varieties, which are stored in a special 10 ml baby protected beak, do not contain nicotine. When these aromas are mixed with an N-Base or other e-liquid, they give it the flavor they have. If you are looking for an electronic cigarette liquor and you are looking for a unique flavor that is produced in Italy, you can choose from Flavor Art's range of flavors. You can use Flavour Art to make electronic cigarettes or add flavor touches to e-liquid varieties. In addition, the rate required for aroma is 10%. This means that a 10 ml aroma layer will be sufficient for a 100 ml N-Base mixture. Then leave the e-liquid variety to brew and enjoy the wonderful e-liquid you have built yourself.

Flavour Art Lemon Scily Flavor
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Brand: Flavour Art Model: flavour-art-l-s
Flavour Art Lemon Scily Aroma (Sicilya Limonu Aroması)Flavour Art Lemon Scily ile Sicilya’nın harika doğasında yetişen limonların aroması sizlerle. Siz de kendi yaptığınız e-likit çeşitlerine veya başka bir elektronik sigara likiti çeşidine limon aroması katmak isterseniz, ürettiği elektronik sigara..
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Flavour Art Strawberry Flavor
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Brand: Flavour Art Model: flavour-art-s
Flavour Art Strawberry Aroma (Çilek Aroması) Flavour Art Strawberry  ile çilek lezzetini iliklerinize kadar hissedin. Flavour Art Strawberry size İtalyan Çileği Aroması vaad ediyor. Flavour Art Strawberry harika bir çilek aromasına sahip olmasına karşın kesinlikle tatlandır..
Ex Tax:25.00TL
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