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About US

The (Elektronik Sigara Evi) Electronic Cigarette House is the result of a progeny that occurs when a smoking cigarette leaves a cigarette. With the electronic cigarette we left the cigarette. This led us to recommend more of the electronic cigarettes. Of course, there are not many people around us who are very knowledgeable about this issue. We usually get information from overseas sources. Already our main business is the e-commerce and advertising sector. We run the agency named Prizma Media. Of course, we could not stay indifferent when there were so many electronic cigarette requests around us. And we decided to go into this business. But in order to obtain information with full sense, we chose the best quality electronic cigarette brands, especially Red Kiwi, DeLirium, Joyeterch as electronic cigarette brands that we would sell on the basis of individual negotiations with companies working in this field from abroad. For the best quality liquid we decided to sell DeKang and Flavor art liquids. At present compared to other sites, our cheapest Electronic Cigarette Liquitice is sold on our site.

our Mission

To quit smoking with electronic cigarettes to live for a healthier generation.

our vision

To investigate more effective smoking cessation products besides electronic cigarette and to present the sale in our country with the necessary permissions.

our Team

Our team, who develops self-cessation every day, does not only sell you. He then checks his attitude and smoking cessation status.

Many companies that sell electronic cigarettes think which product is the most profitable to sell. There is no continuity in this matter. There are no fixed phones and addresses. The reason is that some of them sell fake and poor quality products.