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What is Electronic Cigarette?

1- What is Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is an electronic device that heats and vaporizes the electronic cigarette liquid in its contents, and which contains aromatic, nicotine, fragrant and dense steam. This device takes the place of the cigarette and meets your nicotine needs. Regardless of the model, every electronic cigarette has a very simple structure consisting of several parts.

The major part of the electronic cigarette is the province, the pilgrim. This battery provides the energy needed to heat and vaporize the liquid in your e-cigarette. The electronic cigarette sees liquidity as an atomizer. Atomizers are found in liquid tank in some models. In some models it is even integrated with liquid tank. Atomizer, like an electric light bulb, passes the energized coil wire to itself. The coiled coil that passes the electric current through it heats up and evaporates the liquid in the liquid tank. Burning is absolutely not possible during these operations. This means that no harmful particles are released. Besides electronic cigarette, there is also a liquid tank (part containing electronic cigarette liquid) and drip type mouthpiece.

Who should not use electronic cigarettes?

It is forbidden to use electronic cigarettes for pregnant women, young people under 18, people with propylene glycerin or nicotine allergies. The electronic cigarettes to be used with these people also bring about vital risks.

Who can not sell electronic cigarettes?

It is strictly prohibited to sell electronic cigarette or liquid tea to young people below the age of 18. The same is true for pregnant women, asthma and respiratory diseases.

Terms Related to Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette: This is the name given to the electronic devices that vaporize liquid nicotine or electronic cigarette liquitice varieties and provide vapor to the user in this way.

Mode Electronic Cigarette: Electronic Electronic Cigarette, also known as Hookah, provides higher steam; is an electronic cigarette model that addresses the detailed and experienced electronic cigarette users with a screen on their body. Models, which are referred to as Box Mod, keep the tank at the stomach.

Vape - Pen: Also known as second generation electronic cigarette models, these are usually in the form of a bar or pen. These models appeal to beginner users and are extremely popular among users.

Atomizer: Atomizer is an electronic cigarette model that makes electronic cigarettes. This part, which is usually produced from wires that transmit heat easily, is used together with a cotton inside. This is also the working principle of electronic cigarette; the liquid cotton inside the teller turns into liquid steam when heated.

Coil: What makes an electronic cigarette electronic cigarette is the coil. Coil is a conduit used to vaporize liquid in liquid soaked cotton. This conductor can sometimes be titanium or stainless steel. If you are using a mode electronic cigarette, you can adjust the different smoking modes yourself.

Battery / Battery: Electronic cigarette models require energy to generate steam from the soaked cotton in the coil. Electronic cigarette models require these batteries from batteries or batteries in their body. In some electronic cigarette models, the battery is fixed to the electronic cigarette model. However, some electronic cigarette models use charged batteries, also known as 18650 batteries.

18650 Battery: Also known as "rechargeable battery" in the market, this type of battery is 18 mm in diameter, 65 mm in length and cylindrical. Sony VTC 5 is the highest quality model of rechargeable batteries produced by companies such as Sony, LG and Samsung.

Rechargeable Battery Charger: The 18650 is a special battery charger. In many electronic cigarette models, the charge input is damaged after a long use and can not hold the charge input. So it's possible to get the energy that electronic cigarettes have from time to time.

Tank: In electronic cigarette models, it is the name given to parts made of glass or pyrex contained in electronic cigarette liquid. Electronic cigarette models have a liquid capacity of between 2 ml and 6 ml.

Electronic Cigarette Liquid / E-Liquid Electronic cigarette liquid is liquid containing liquid nicotine, propylene glycerol, vegetarian glycerol, pure water and aroma. When this liquid is heated, an electronic cigarette vapor is generated. Although electronic cigarette liquor is basically the same, this rate can vary according to quality and other factors. Generally, the higher the PG ratio in an electronic cigarette liquid, the more cigarettes that the electronic cigarette liquor has in my mouth.

VG (Vegetarian Glycerol): Vegetarian Glycerol is an additive used to increase the quality and density of an e-liquid indole vapor. This item, which is considered to be much more desirable because it is obtained entirely from plants, is found especially in "Premium Liquid" varieties.

PG (Propylene Glycerol): Propylene Glycerol is a kind of additive used to stimulate the appearance of a cigarette during the shooting of an electronic cigarette liquor. This substance is found in varieties of electronic cigarettes.

Premium Liquid: Premium Electronic Cigarette Liquid is the name given to varieties of electronic cigarette liqueurs with a high VG ratio. These liquids are both slightly more expensive and have a much wider range of varieties. Premium electronic cigarette liquids also provide much higher steam.

Drip Type: Drip Type is a very necessary part in terms of providing a hygienic and healthy electronic cigarette. This part is produced from various materials and is also known as "mouthpiece".

RDA: The name given to electronic cigarettes and coilers that users can carry out their own winding. This atomizer coil type, which provides more aroma and steam, is recommended for experienced electronic cigarette users.

RDTA: The name given to both the user's own hull and the coils with their own tank.
What is the effect of nicotine on human health?

Nicotine is a stimulant due to its chemical structure. At the same time, having a structure that narrows the veins in long-term use makes nicotine a risky chemical for human health. However, the harmful effects on your nicotine's health are not as exaggerated. The bill is in fact not nicotine itself, but nicotine itself, and other particles and chemicals that are released by the burning of dry tobacco leaves.

The above does not mean that nicotine is completely harmless. Nicotine is a stimulant, the first 5 - 10 seconds you took it. causing your blood pressure to rise. Nicotine is an addictive chemical at the same time. In addition, nicotine also has a narrowing effect on veins in the long run. All these effects, nicotine; making it a risky but non-carcinogenic chemical. Nicotine and many scientists who make various scientific researches on electronic cigarette are the same idea.
Is No Way To Get Nicotine A More Harmless Way?

Many users who frequently use traditional tobacco products and want to quit smoking are in fact the same question: is there a healthier way to get nicotine to suppress your addiction? Nicotine chewing gum and tapes are the means of obtaining nicotine for a long time. But they do not mean much to a cigarette addict. However, over the last decade, nicotine and non-addicts have a more harmless alternative: electronic cigarettes.

In contrast, various drug companies and cigarette manufacturers are trying to avoid smoking dependence with products such as NRT and IQOC. These terms include NRT; It is abbreviated as "Nicotine Replacement Terapy". It should be argued how well these treatment methods, such as nicotine gum and nicotine patches, are used to cut cigarette addiction. IQOC is a product that works on Philip Morris and other cigarette producers and does not burn and heat nicotine but it is used in some countries.

Electronic Cigarette And Electronic Cigarette Types

We have tried to respond to any questions you may have about electronic cigarettes and e-liquid that we have prepared for you. You can choose the question you are wondering about in the guide and you can find the answer to your question very easily without losing time. First of all, we will talk about various concepts related to the use of electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, assuming that you are just starting to use electronic cigarettes. Then, you can easily learn what you are curious about using electronic cigarettes from within our site.

Before you start using electronic cigarettes, you will see that you are facing many different terms if you navigate the relevant sites. Let's start by explaining to you what these terms are.

How Many Electronic Cigarettes Are There?

The technical structure of each electronic cigarette is different. However, it is possible to collect electronic cigarettes under several classes. Electronic cigarettes are assessed in three classes according to their structure. The history of electronic cigarettes is based on 10 years and different e - cigarette models are emerging every year on the market. Electronic cigarette smoking patterns are mainly evaluated in three generations / classes. The first electronic cigarette was produced in 1968, but the use of electronic cigarettes increased visibly between 2007 and 2013.
Non-Formatted Electronic Cigarettes

The first generation of electronic cigarettes resembles a traditional smoking cigarette. These small electronic devices are extremely small and easy to carry. However, as you can see in the models later, parts can not be removed and replaced or modified. The maximum use limit of these devices is between 300 and 500 shots. Electronic cigarettes can not be filled into them because they do not have their own liquid tanks. This is why some kind of devices are electronic cigarettes. It is a little difficult to find these devices in the electronics shop and many other suppliers. These models are also referred to as "vaporettes" in foreign sources.
Vape Pen Carrier Easy, Solid Body E - Cigarettes

These electronic cigarettes, which are called second generation, are not as detailed as electronic cigarettes, nor are they as simple as cigarette-shaped devices. These electronic cigarettes, which are easy to handle, carry or carry in the bag, have a very simple body. These models usually have a micro usb charging input and a solid body. eLeaf iJust 2, eGo AIO Series models, this type of electronic cigarette is a very good example. In the old models of second generation electronic cigarettes, the charging adapter is mounted on the body with 510 screwing system. These devices have an average capacity of between 2100 and 2600 mAh.
Professional Mode Electronic Cigarettes
One of the most distinguishing features of these electronic cigarette models, also known as mode electronic cigarettes, is the presence of a modular body. These mode bodies have an OLED display on top. From this screen you can choose between different smoking modes. These highly sophisticated devices take the "mod" mode from the introductory modes that can be changed. What determines the difference between the modes is the type of wire at the atomizer coil. The mod electronic cigarettes you can choose between titanium, rusty steal and nickel have a heavier body, but the busiest steam provides these electronic cigarettes. Box Mode Electronic Cigarettes carry the liquid tank part inside the tank.
The Structure of Electronic Cigarette

We talked about the fact that every electronic cigarette has the same structure, regardless of model and genre. This structure; battery, atomizer, liquid tank and drip type (mouthpiece) part. Now let's examine these separate parts one by one.
1. Battery:

Electronic cigarette batteries are a lithium - ion battery used in almost every mobile phone and laptop computer. Lithium batteries are known for their ability to be recharged many times and long life batteries. In second generation and mode electronic cigarettes, this part can be charged with a simple micro usb input. However, the older models of the second generation devices have 510 screwdrivers and you must install the charger by turning it to charge the battery. In mode electronic cigarettes, the battery is in the mode body and is usually under a metal cover. Mode electronic cigarettes use 18650 batteries inside the body. You should not confuse the code number with the MAh grade. Because 18650 batteries have a maximum capacity of 3000 mAh and 18650 is the model number of these devices.

The batteries of electronic cigarettes have different MAh values. The MAh grade shows the capacity of an electronic cigarette battery. Mod electronic cigarettes like Wismec Realeux 2/3 have superior MAh ratings. The higher the mAh of your electronic cigarette, the longer the charge and the longer the charge lasts. For the safety of your electronic cigarettes, do not excessively charge the devices and do not try to operate them when there is no charge.
2. Atomizer:

Atomizers are among the most sensitive parts of electronic cigarettes. There is one coil in these parts. This coil allows heat to pass through the wire in the energy it receives from the battery. The heated wire heats the electronic cigarette liquid. Isnan electronic cigarette liquor returns to you as steam.

Atomizers are parts of electronic cigarettes that must change once or twice a week, depending on your frequency of use. One of the most important parts of electronic cigarettes, atomizers can burn because they are energy-passing parts. When this happens, you should change the atomizer of your electronic cigarette. Atomizers have various models among themselves. What distinguishes these models is the coil winding.

The heart of electronic cigarette atomizers is cold. Coil is a simple structure. Coils are the strands given to wires that are wrapped around a conductor. That is, the electronic cigarette atomizers consist of a conductor and a conductor wrapped around it. With a slight difference; In the atomizer coils there is also a small piece of japanese cloth that is soaked with electronic cigarette liquor. That's why you can make the winding process or not, which can cause model differences.
RBDA Atomizers: Re-buildable Drippping Atomizer

This type of atomizer allows you to do coil winding yourself. You can learn how to make an atomizer wire from the internet (or your supplier's sales office) from many sources. If you have some liquidity in this type of atomizer, you need to drop the japanese cloth in the bobbin.
RBA Atomizer: Rebuildable Atomizer

Each atomizer coil with rewind capability is an RBA atomizer. That is, the coil winding can be easily carried out by the user. Atomizer coil (coil winding) is given to all atomizers that can be made by the user with RBA atomizer name

Atomizers' watt output values ​​and ohm (resistance) levels can be adjusted (in mode electronic cigarettes) What do ohm and watt we often hear in the world of electronic cigarettes mean?

The output value of the watt in the atomizers is the amount of energy going to the atomizer. This energy level can be adjusted according to the liquidity. Ohm, or resistance, is the resistance of the electric energy passing through the atomizer coil. As Ohm (resistance) falls, the steam you get from your electronic cigarette is even higher.

Liquid tanks are made of transparent glass, glass or pryex containing liquid that is heated in electronic cigarettes. Some models of liquid tanks are combined with atomizer coil. Most of the atomizer liquid tanks are transparent and you can easily see how much liquid you have left in your electronic cigarette by looking at this transparent tank. In electronic cigarettes, liquid tanks have different capacities such as 1.4 ml - 6 ml.

Models with atomizers of liquid tanks are sold separately and can be used with compatible models. Models such as the Geek Vape Griffin have high atomic capacity and high performance capacity. These tanks can be taken from the extras and added to the electronic cigarette body. In this way you can get electronic cigarette bodies with higher performance.

Electronic cigarette tanks vary among themselves. Some models have air duct outlet and it is possible to get more dense steam by adjusting these air ducts. However, the liquid tank of many electronic cigarettes is filled with the top cover opened. Some models of tanks can be filled from the side of the body.
Is Electronic Cigarette Smoking Cessation?

Electronic cigarettes reduce traditional cigarette consumption. That's why electronic cigarettes can also provide you with nicotine. It has been determined that seven out of every 10 users who have started using electronic cigarettes, which are commonly used in the United States, the United Kingdom and many other European countries, have dropped or at least reduced the number of traditional cigarettes. However, if you want to quit smoking via electronic cigarettes, you should gradually decrease the level of nicotine.
Electronic Cigarette Liquids

Electronic cigarette liquids are found in tanks of electronic cigarettes. Its liquid structure consists of glycerin, nicotine, aroma and pure water. These liquids are mostly sold in 20 ml bottles in the electronic cigarette market and can be used by a user for about 1-2 weeks with average use. Electronic cigarettes have 3, 6 and 9 ml of different nicotine levels. Electronic cigarette flavors also include flavors of cigarette brands. Liquids are judged in two different types according to the glycerin cecalide they contain.

Electronic cigarette liquids are divided into PG and VG. PG liquids are liquids containing propylene glycerin. When these liquids are used in electronic cigarettes, a slight burning sensation occurs in the throat. Therefore, PG liquids, which are preferred by electronic cigarette users who have recently decided to quit smoking,
Electronic cigarette liquids are divided into PG and VG. PG liquids are liquids containing propylene glycerin. When these liquids are used in electronic cigarettes, a slight burning sensation occurs in the throat. Therefore, PG liquids, which are preferred by electronic cigarette users who have recently decided to quit smoking, are liquid types which are very common in the electronic cigarette world. Most popular brands contain propylene glycerin.
Varieties of Electronic Cigarette Liquids and Nicotine Levels

You can change the nicotine level and aroma of your electronic cigarettes as you like. If your aim is to lower the level of liquid nicotine, try mixing your PG liquid with VG liquid with a compatible flavor. If you do this gradually, you will leave behind a significant portion of your journey to quit smoking.

However, electronic cigarette smokers do not always mix liquids just to lower the nicotine level. In some cases, electronic cigarette liquids can also be mixed to obtain more dense steam. The higher the VG rate in your electronic cigarette liquor, the more likely you are to get condensed steam. You can use PG and VG electronic cigarette liquids to adjust the level of nicotine, or to experience different aroma combinations if you want to get more condensed steam.
Is electronic smoking allowed while driving?

Driving while using electronic cigarettes is a very risky operation and absolutely not recommended, as electronic cigarettes will reduce the visibility disturbance while driving.

Is Electronic Cigarette Used In Closed Areas Forbidden?

Although there are no legal restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes in enclosed spaces or in public places, the steam coming out of you may be disturbing. You can use electronic cigarettes wherever smoking is available. However, you should reduce the steam density.
How should electronic cigarettes and liquids be kept?

Keep your electronic cigarette in an upright position. You should pay attention to the same thing when you carry devices in your pocket or bag. This reduces the likelihood of liquid leakage from your device. If you keep electronic cigarettes in your pocket with another metal, you will increase the possibility of short circuit.

Keep your electronic cigarettes at room temperature and do not leave them in the sun. The custody of electronic cigarettes is a condition for electronic cigarettes themselves, where you and the young can not reach them.
Why Does Electronic Cigarettes Damage? Electronic Cigarette Tips

If you want to use your electronic cigarettes longer, do not forget to charge the device. In addition, use the charging adapter that is appropriate for your device and charge it when the device is charged. Many electronic cigarettes have short circuit protection and overcharge protection circuitry. However, doing the above steps for your electronic cigarettes can cause overheating of the device.

Most electronic cigarettes leak liquid. However, this is usually minimal and does not harm you. If you want your electronic cigarette to last longer, do not try to use it while it is empty. This is harmful to the atomizer and battery. Do not forget that even the most durable atomizer is a maximum of 2 weeks of use. Replace this part with a new one when your atomizer is on. If you have a manually changeable atomizer, you can get information on how the coil winding is done and your model via internet sites.

The propylene glycerol in electronic cigarette liquor makes an electronic cigarette liquor variety a deteriorating material. Electronic cigarette liqueurs have a maximum shelf life of 2 years. Nicotine and PG levels in electronic cigarette liquor varieties are also influential on the shelf life of electronic cigarette varieties. You can check all electronic cigarette prices and electronic cigarette brands on our site. You can look at the battery battery compartment for the electronic smoking battery.
Electronic Cigarettes: Children and Animals

Electronic cigarettes are not sold to children and young people under the age of 18. It is in fact the same as the requirements for the use of tobacco products with many requirements for electronic smoking. Besides, if you are using electronic cigarettes, you should keep the electronic cigarette lighter you are using from children and animals. The reason for selling electronic cigarette liquor in very sheltered bottles is to prevent transportation of animals and children to liquids. A small proportion of electronic cigarette liquor variants can kill a young child. The same applies to animals. Even the electronic cigarette lighter itself, not even the vapor, can harm animals. Especially the cat's electronic cigarette liquor
If you want to prevent the electronic cigarette liquid you use from damaging the pets, you should keep these liquids in a place where children and animals can not reach and keep pets away from electronic cigarette smoke. In this way, if you feed animals, you can prevent your animals from being affected by electronic cigarette liquid.
Is Electronic Cigarette Liquids Mixed?

Many electronic cigarette smugglers mix electronic cigarette liquor varieties to obtain different nicotine ratios or aroma. Especially if you prefer compatible flavors, your electronic cigarette liquor mix will be much more delicious.
Is It Possible To Make Our Own Electronic Smoking Liquids Manager?

Making your own electronic cigarette liquid is an extremely delicate process and is often recommended for experienced electronic cigarette smokers. If you are not satisfied with the electronic cigarette liquor variety on the market, you can get your own electronic cigarette mixes thanks to the so - called N - Base mixes. In addition you like to produce your own varieties of electronic non-liquidity specialty. If you are especially interested in liquid recipes on the internet, you should use the term DIY. With DIY instant "DO IT Yourself" recipes you can produce your own electronic cigarette liquids.

The difficulty with producing electronic cigarette liquor is that the mixture must be mixed at a certain rate. These ratios vary at different rates according to different tariffs. This is a bit delicate and difficult because adjusting the level of nicotine is as difficult as adjusting the mix ratio at least.

If you have electronic cigarettes, conditions of use, or anything else you are curious about, and if we have not written it here, please contact us via e-mail or comment and make sure that other users also benefit.