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InnovationBG Gold&Silver(Tobacco, Honey and Fruit) Liquid 30ml

InnovationBG Gold&Silver(Tobacco, Honey and Fruit) Liquid 30ml
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InnovationBG Gold&Silver(Tobacco, Honey and Fruit) Liquid 30ml
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VG / PG50 PG / 50 VG
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Innovation Gold & Silver (Tobacco, Honey and Fruit) Liquid
Innovation Flavors Gold and Silver, with honey, tobacco and fruit flavors, dominate the mixed tobacco flavor. Innovation Gold And Silver, which has a slight sweet taste, is yours with a different blend of tobacco and a flavor of fruits and honey. Before you mention Gold & Silver, let's talk a little bit of Innovation Flavors.

Innovation Flavors, one of the best quality and healthy electronic cigarette liquors in the market, is produced entirely by hand and is one of the most successful and popular electronic cigarette brands in the electronic cigarette market with quality - health certificates. Innovation Liquid varieties, which are produced entirely in Bulgaria, await you with different consistencies, dominant flavors and light sweetness.

Innovation Gold & Silver is an electronic cigarette liquid manufactured by Innovation Flavors which also has premium liquid varieties. The liquid provides a highly balanced drinking experience with content of 50% VG and 50% PG. Innovation Flavors Gold And Silver, where you can find different nicotine ratings on our site, are stored in 30 ml plastic bottles and give you a lot of steam. If you want a blended electronic cigarette liquor that is loved and liked by many types of aromatic e-liquids that you produce, you only need to order our electronic site.

Innovation Flavors Gold & Silver E-Liquid Properties:
Innovation Flavors Innovation Flavors Gold & Silver Honey Has Tobacco And Fruit Aromas.
Innovation Flavors Gold & Silver has 50% PG and 50% VG.
Innovation Flavors Gold & Silver Hides in 30 ml Bottles.
Innovation Flavors Gold & Silver Can be mixed with other Electronic Cigarette Liquids.
Innovation Flavors Gold & Silver Provides Intensive Steam.
Has a Liquid Slightly Sweet Taste.

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