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InnovationBG Sundance Premium Liquid 20ml

InnovationBG Sundance Premium Liquid 20ml
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InnovationBG Sundance Premium Liquid 20ml
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VG / PG30 PG / 70 VG
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Innovation Premium E-Liquid

Electronic cigarettes come from Innovation, one of the most popular brands in the world of liquity, from premium liquid innovations, which will make electronic cigarettes smell. Premium Liquids with only glycerin, propylene glycol, aroma and purified water in its content, with innovation difference.

Are you complaining that the nicotine in your liquid when you are smoking an electronic cigarette disturbs your throat? Then Innovation Premium Liquid is for you with its different flavors. Moreover, Innovation Premium Aromas are very diverse and very different. Innovation Premium Liquids with different flavors like Banana Milkshak, Creamy Cake, Milk & Honey are composed of 30% Propylene Glycol and 70% vegetarian liquid. Innovation Premium Liquids, which comes to you with its specially protected box and magnificent design, invites you to a wonderful electronic cigarette experience. You will first open the protected and specially packaged liquid crystal protective cover and you will use the likiti first. ISO 9001 Certified Innovation E - Liquids will be waiting for you on our site.

Innovation Premium Liquids meet you in 20 ml bottles. "Gourmet Liquid" is waiting for you to fold this electronic cigarette liquify, 20 ml bottle, special box, electronic cigarette with the cover you will open for the first time, which you can see in other places.

Innovation Premium E - Liquid Box Contents

1 20 ml. Innovation Premium Liquid Bottle

Innovation Premium E - Liquid Product Features:

Innovation Premium Liquid, Sold in Private Box.

You will be the first to open your liquidity with a specially designed cover.

Innovation Premium E - Liquid, 20 ml. It has a bottle.

Innovation Premium E - Liquid consists of 5 different ingredients: 30% Propylene Glycol, 70% Vegetable Glycerine, Aroma and Pure Water.

Innovation Premium E - Liquid gives you intense steam, does not irritate your throat and gives you the pleasure of a unique electronic cigarette.

Innovation Premium For E - Liquid Users ...

Know who knows premium liquids. These electronic cigarette liquids differ from other electronic cigarette liquids due to the fact that they are very comfortable electronic cigarette liquids because they contain vegetarian glycerin. Hurry up and order immediately to have this special electronic cigarette liquid, which contains only the ingredients that should have a Premium Level. This unique electronic cigarette liquor, which can be used with electronic cigarettes in almost any structure, will affect you not only with its contents, but also with its box and special opening lid. Innovation Premium You can also mix with other liquids.

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