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InnovationBG Purple Plum Liquid 30ml

 InnovationBG Purple Plum Liquid 30ml
InnovationBG Purple Plum Liquid 30ml
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Innovation Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Innovation, which is familiar to many electronic cigarette users, now comes out with different types of electronic cigarette liquors in 30 ml bottles. These liquids, which contain about 0.6 nicotine, come in to cheer you up with the electronic cigarettes of your valuable electronic cigarettes.

What is hidden in Innovation's 30 ml bottle? Innovation is the most diverse, most diverse liquid of the electronic cigarette world. From Cuba to Green Apple to Smooth Banana to strawberry flavor. Innovation liquids with a nicotine level of only 0.6 promise you a unique electronic cigarette pleasure. All these features make Innovation an extremely popular electronic cigarette liquor. If you wish to use the electronic cigarette lighter you can use alone, you can mix it with another one and get your own special blend.

Innovation The level of nicotine in liquids is not very high, but it can still be so for those who are new to electronic cigarettes. In such a case, you need to mix Innovation's different electronic cigarette liquids with another electronic cigarette liquid containing 0 nicotine. So you get both a richer aroma and your throat is less irritating when you use electronic cigarettes.

Whether alone or mixed with another liquid; If you are looking for dense steam and rich aroma, you can use Innovation Electronic Cigarette Liquids as you wish.

Innovation Electronic Cigarette Liquiti Box Content:

1 piece 30 ml. Innovation Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Innovation Electronic Cigarette Liquid Product Properties:

Innovation Electronic Cigarette Liquid is sold in 30 ml bottles and in its original box.

Innovation Electronic Cigarette Liquid has ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

Innovation Electronic Cigarette Liquid has a nicotine level of 6 ml with many different aromas.

Electronic cigarette liquids can be mixed with premium liquids when necessary.

Innovation Electronic Cigarette Liquid has very different liquid aromas.

A Magic Door Opened to the Electronic Cigarette World: Innovation E - Liquids

Innovation Why are Electronic Cigarette Liquids so popular? I need to take a closer look at the liquids to be able to give this answer. Every flavor of innovative liquids has been carefully selected for electronic cigarette smokers and is extremely rich.

This electronic cigarette lighter with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate offers you long-term use with 30 ml bottles. However, the liquids having very different aromas can be mixed with another liquid (other than "0" nicotine premium liquids are used for this) so that different mixtures can be obtained. If you want wonderful aromas with a nicotine level of 6 ml, which will give you a steaming steam, you can choose Innovation with peace of mind.

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