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Although it does not perform very well against e-cigarettes and kits produced by different companies, Joyetech continues to be one of the earliest and oldest e-cigarettes and e-liquid producers. Like other e-cigarette producers in China, Joyetech is an ambitious company in e-cigarette category as much as it is in e-cigarette products. Joyetech, well-known by experienced e-cigarette users, was founded in 2007.

Joyetech has very successful products especially in the e-cigarette category as vape-pen. Maybe that's why Joyetech is the most known e-cigarette starter. Joyetech's products include electronic cigarette kits and models such as CuBox AIO Starter Kit, Cuboid Series, Cubis and Cubis 2, eGo AIO, ATOPACK PENGUIN (cartridge), Ocular Mode. So how's Joyetech's box office on the e-liquid market? In addition to the standard e-liquid content it produces recently, Joyetech also faces a new premium liquid series. Premium liquid contents such as Abbot Soul, Sorcerer Spirit, Sorcerer Spell and Brute Rage produced by Firman usually have a ratio of 70 VG - 30 PG. Premium liquid contents with varying nicotine grades can also be used with nicotine values ​​between 0 and 20 mg nicotine. This new series of Joyetech reaches you in a cardboard cylinder box and has 30 ml bottles. Firman's popular atomizer tank models include atomic tank models such as NotchCore Atomizer, ProCore Series, and CUBIS 2 Atomizer.

If you prefer e-cigarettes and e-liquid products produced by a well-established and quality brand, you can use almost every product of Joyetech with peace of mind. If Joyetech is the most popular mod e-cigarette in our country, Evic VTC and Evic VTC Mini models. You can choose to start mod e-cigarettes if you like these models.

Eleaf Pico Spare Glass
Out of Stock
Brand: Joyetech Model: eleaf-pico-cam
You can continue to reuse your broken atomizer with Eleaf Pico Spare Glass...
Ex Tax:25.00TL
Joyetech - eVic Primo with UNIMAX 25 Atomizer Kit Joyetech - eVic Primo with UNIMAX 25 Atomizer Kit
Out of Stock
Brand: Joyetech Model: JT-EVIC-PRIMO-UMX25
    Powered by dual replaceable 18650 cells, the eVic Primo provides durability and reliability with 200W maximum output. Featuring the new equalizing charge system, it supports 1.5A quick charge capability. The UNIMAX 25 atomizer adopts the exclusive TFTA system where airflow control..
Ex Tax:400.00TL
Joyetech eGo AIO 10th Anniversary Edition Kit Joyetech eGo AIO 10th Anniversary Edition Kit
Out of Stock
Brand: Joyetech Model: EGO-AIO-10TH
Joyetech eGo AIO Team The 10th Anniversary Edition, equivalent to the Gio AIO 2 Kit, has a more precise design and better structure. Compact pencil, the eGo AIO 10th Anniversary Edition works with a built-in 1500mAh battery for long life with a maximum output of 25W, and double battery protections a..
Ex Tax:199.00TL
Joyetech SS316 Atomizer Head Joyetech SS316 Atomizer Head
-10 % Out of Stock
Brand: Joyetech Model: ss316
89.90TL 99.90TL
Ex Tax:89.90TL
Joytech BF RBA Head Coil Joytech BF RBA Head Coil
Out of Stock
Brand: Joyetech Model: joyetech-rba-coil
Cubis AİOCUBİODeGrip2..
Ex Tax:50.00TL
Joyetech Ex Coil
Label -10 %
Brand: Joyetech Model: Joyetech-ex-coil
89.00TL 99.00TL
Ex Tax:89.00TL
JOYETECH eGo One Mega Twist (2300 mAh) JOYETECH eGo One Mega Twist (2300 mAh)
Out of Stock
Brand: Joyetech Model: ego-one-mega-twist
JOYETECH eGo One Mega Elektronik SigaraWhich the manufacturers in a leading position among universal electronic cigarette companies Joyetech which he was released in 2015 new product Joyetech ego One Sub OHM speaking of the rough device near the water pipe size is engraved on the mind into a handful..
Ex Tax:320.00TL
Joyetech eGo AIO all-in-one Joyetech eGo AIO all-in-one
Sıcak -13 % Out of Stock
Brand: Joyetech Model: ego-aio
Joyetech's new product, Joyetech eGo AIO, which is a leader among universal electronic cigarette makers in 2016, is a size that fits in the palm of the hand, much different than the rough equipment close to the hookah size, which is carved into mind as the all-in-one Sub OHM. It is shorter than the ..
209.00TL 240.00TL
Ex Tax:209.00TL
 Joyetech eGo AIO Box Electonic Cigarette  Joyetech eGo AIO Box Electonic Cigarette
Out of Stock
Brand: Joyetech Model: aio box
Package Included:1 * eGo AIO Box2 * BF SS316-0.6 ohm MTL2 * Mouthpiece1 * USB Cable1 * Quick Start1 * Warranty Card1 * Warning Card1 * E-LiquidProduct Parameters:Size: 23.0 * 43.0 * 97.0mmBattery capacity: 2100mAhAtomizer capacity: 2mlColor: Black / Black, Black / Gray, Black / Red, Yellow White / W..
Ex Tax:180.00TL
Brand: Joyetech Model: aıo-ato
89.00TL 99.00TL
Ex Tax:89.00TL
Joyetech Apple E Liquid Joyetech Apple E Liquid
Out of Stock
Brand: Joyetech Model: jy-elma-30
Joyetech Electronic Cigarette Liquid is - Jy1 - 30mlAll our products are 100% original. If you thought it was fake of liquid can be returned unconditionally.High-quality special productionspecial bottleSafety lock for the first timeIs compatible with all electronic cigarette cartridges and refill li..
Ex Tax:35.00TL
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