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KILO Black Series

KILO Black Series

The KILO Black Series catches the attention of premium liquid seekers who have a different and tasty aroma. You should absolutely try the KILO Black Series Premium Electronic Fruit Liquiton Varieties, which have already captured the hearts of electronic cigarette users who attach importance to the pleasure of the design with its matt black colored sunlight. KILO Black Series promises a premium e-liquid experience far above standards.

KILO Black Series Premium Liquid Varieties include KILO Black Birthday Cake, KILO Black Honey Creme, KILO Black Apple Pie and KILO Black Milk Cookies. KILO Black Series Premium Electronic Cigarette Liquor Varieties all have 70% VG and 30% PG. In addition, all of these premium liquid varieties are in stock on our site with different nicotine values.

The KILO Black Series is certainly not a premium liquid that appeals to novice users. We strongly recommend you to try this wonderful premium liquid type, especially KILO Black Birthday Cake or KILO Black Honey Creme Aromas. Because these aromas are much more flavorful than the standard premium liquid varieties, and in terms of steam density, they are also electronic cigarette flavors beyond the other premium e-liquid varieties. KILO Black is one of the best quality, most successful and dense vaporized electronic cigarette liqueur varieties you can find as premium liquid. KILO BLACKS located on our site are found in 60 ml bottles. You can easily find KILO BLACKs with different nicotine values ​​from our site.

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