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Kilo e-liquid manufacturer producing electronic cigarettes in the United States of America with decades of "White Series" and "Black Series" premium e-liquid content. Kilo, which recently attracted attention with its e-liquid contents with matt and sunlight-free bottles, promises high steam and quality flavor to its users with premium e-liquid contents with different foundations.

Kilo is a company that produces e-liquids since 2014. At the forefront of the company's prominent features is corporate philosophy based on producing passion, patience, honesty and sophisticated products. Other series of Kilo E-Liquid include liquid segments such as Classic Series, Standard Series (PG - VG Ratio Standard), Moo Series (Milk Based Series) and Sour Series (Sour Series).

All Electronic Cigarette Ingredients Outside the Standard Series of Weight E-Liquids have varying nicotine ratings and 70 VG-to-30 PG ratios. Some e-liquid ingredients produced by Kilo are stored in transparent or matte, special eyedropper and capped 60 ml glass bottles. However, Kilo Sour Series contents are stored in fine-tipped plastic bottles, and these cool bottles have a capacity of 100 ml. Meanwhile, the widest product range of Kilo E-Liquids Company is again in this Sour Series segment. In addition, the products that the company calls "Standard Series" have 60 VG and 40 PG ratios. Kilo is a proven e-liquid manufacturer that caters to users who use modal electronic cigarette models and addresses e-cigarette users who require intense steam-successful aroma combinations. You can find our company's most popular e-liquids from different series.

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