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Premium Electronic Cigarette Liquid for

Premium Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Premium electronic cigarettes are separated from typical electronic cigarettes. Premium liquids are generally named for e-liquid types with a high VG ratio. Premium electronic cigarette liquitice varieties are much easier to drink and are especially used for electronic cigarette liquitizers that offer intense steam and aroma when used in conjunction with an electronic nargile. Every day, thousands of electronic cigarettes and electronic water pipe users visit our address to find premium electronic cigarette liquor varieties with a wide range of aromas and varying PG - VG rates from 30% to 70% or from 20% to 80%. Premium electronic cigarette liquitie varieties that you can find on our site with varieties of different nicotine ratios are less likely to irritate your throat when you take electronic nargile or electronic cigarettes and are therefore often preferred. You can choose from a wide selection of premium e-juice with high quality and distinctive aromas.

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One Hit Wonder Strawberry Muffin Man 100 mL Liquid
-47 % Out of Stock
Brand: One Hit Wonder Model: one-hit-wonder-stb-muffin-man
One Hit Wonder Strawberry Mini Muffin Man 100 ml Liquid (Strawberry And Muffin Cake Aroma)One Hit Wonder Mini Muffin Man Every electronic cigarette experience with Likiti is an adventure in aapay! One Hit Wonder Mini Muffin Man is an electronic cigarette liquor with strawberry and brownie flavor and..
89.90TL 169.90TL
Ex Tax:89.90TL
Nasty Juice Tobacco Series - Bronze Blend Nasty Juice Tobacco Series - Bronze Blend
-13 % Out of Stock
Brand: Nasty Juice Model: nj-tobacco-series-bronze
Nasty Juice Tobacco Series - Bronze BlendCaramel, Vanilla & Tobacco Flavored..
129.90TL 149.90TL
Ex Tax:129.90TL
Cuttwood Tobacco Trail - 60mL
-5 % Out of Stock
Brand: Cuttwood Model: cuttwood-tobacco-trail-60ml
119.00TL 125.00TL
Ex Tax:119.00TL
Nasty Juice Trap Queen 30ML Salt Likit Nasty Juice Trap Queen 30ML Salt Likit
-13 % Out of Stock
Brand: Nasty Juice Model: nasty-juice-slow-blow-salt
Nasty Juice Trap Queen 30ML Salt Likit..
129.90TL 149.90TL
Ex Tax:129.90TL
Ruthless Ez Duz İt Premium Liquid 30 ml
Out of Stock
Brand: Ruthless Model: RTLS-EDİ
Ruthless offers the best mixes to the users with the fruit mixes that it has made compared to other brands. Many exhibitions in Europe have attracted a great deal of attention from visitors.As we know the fruit mixes that he has made, the flavor that he has presented to us presents a rather differen..
Ex Tax:119.00TL
Brand: Saltica Model: saltica-harpy-50mg
Saltica Troll (Milk and Chocolate) Flavored Salt Liquid 30mL - 50 MG NicotineWe are bringing together the excellent Liquid of Saltica, which is a British origin, used for Pod Devices.Saltica Troll is a great variety of liquid for those who love nicotine and Pod systems. Milk and chocolate aroma, thi..
Ex Tax:90.00TL
Brand: Turkish Delight Model: td-lemon-cream-50ml
Turkish Delight - Lemon CreamTurkish Delight - Lemon Cream Lemon Cream is the freshest and latest product of Turkish Delight, which is rich in lemon flavor and has a higher sugar content than other Turkish Delight products with biscuits and creams.Made with premium aromas.You have to taste great tas..
60.00TL 65.00TL
Ex Tax:60.00TL
Turkish Delight 50ml - Cookies - Electronic Cigarette Liquid
-14 % Out of Stock
Brand: Turkish Delight Model: Turkish-Delight-Kurabiye
Cookie Aroma Premium LiquidMade with premium aromas.You have to taste great taste in the real premium setting. You can extract huge steam with 80% VG flavor. Leave the burning sensation of the other liquids in your throat to an edge, because this liquor saves aroma in the throat. There is a +5 ml ex..
60.00TL 70.00TL
Ex Tax:60.00TL
Brand: Turkish Delight Model: Turkish-Delight-galaxy
Turkish Delight Galaxy Liquid 50MLTurkish Delight Galaxy liquid, liquid contains Banana, Caramel, Bilberry, cream and vanilla flavors. Galaxy DL and MTL, which are rich in content, are preferred in meals. The product contains Chemnovatic pure nicotine, 25% PG and 75% VG.For classic electronic cigare..
60.00TL 70.00TL
Ex Tax:60.00TL
Brand: Turkish Delight Model: Turkish-Delight-Karamel-Bisküvi
Turkish Delight 50ml - Caramel Biscuit FlavorTurkish Delight with caramel and biscuit flavors is a good product for both DL and MTL drinks. It is one of the oldest and most preferred products of Turkish Delight. The product contains Chemnovatic Pure Nicotine, 15% PG and 85% VG.It is produced with pr..
60.00TL 70.00TL
Ex Tax:60.00TL
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