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Premium Electronic Cigarette Liquid for

Premium Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Premium electronic cigarettes are separated from typical electronic cigarettes. Premium liquids are generally named for e-liquid types with a high VG ratio. Premium electronic cigarette liquitice varieties are much easier to drink and are especially used for electronic cigarette liquitizers that offer intense steam and aroma when used in conjunction with an electronic nargile. Every day, thousands of electronic cigarettes and electronic water pipe users visit our address to find premium electronic cigarette liquor varieties with a wide range of aromas and varying PG - VG rates from 30% to 70% or from 20% to 80%. Premium electronic cigarette liquitie varieties that you can find on our site with varieties of different nicotine ratios are less likely to irritate your throat when you take electronic nargile or electronic cigarettes and are therefore often preferred. You can choose from a wide selection of premium e-juice with high quality and distinctive aromas.

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Charlies Chalk Dust - Wonder Worm 30ml (Gummy - Sweet Tarts)
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Brand: Charlies Chalk Dust Model: ccd-ww
Charlie's Chalk Dust Wonder Worm (Gum and Sweet Tart Aroma)Among electronic cigarette liquors, it is possible to encounter many aromas, especially among premium liquid varieties. Cake, cream, fruit, coffee, ice cream, milkshake and more! But if you are looking for an electronic cigarette liquor with..
Ex Tax:70.00TL
Brand: Dinner Lady Model: DL-CC
Dinner Lady Cola Cabana brings a combination of ice-cold cola and cherry to your palates! 60 ml. and 3 or 6 mg. Dinner Lady Cola Cabana with nicotine ratio at Elektronik Sigara Evi'nde ..
119.00TL 139.00TL
Ex Tax:119.00TL
Brand: Dinner Lady Model: DL-GS
Dinner Lady Guava Sunrise is a luxury combination of gorgeous tropical fruits. This gorgeous berries were added to the icing and legendary taste Dinner Lady Guava Sunrise was created. Now in stock with the difference of Elektronik Sigara Evi..
119.00TL 139.90TL
Ex Tax:119.00TL
Brand: Dinner Lady Model: DL-MT
Mango Tart, the legend of Dinner Lady, is now available at'da. It will leave a magnificent mark on your palate with the mangos. Mixed with sweet cream, mango blended with the taste of cookies. Dinner Lady Mango Tart The VG / PG ratio is 70/30...
Ex Tax:120.00TL
Brand: Dinner Lady Model: rice-pudding
Dinner Lady's new legend Rice Pudding!..
119.90TL 139.90TL
Ex Tax:119.90TL
Loaded Glazed Donuts 120 ml Premium Liquid
-11 % Out of Stock
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