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Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette

Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
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Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
Smok Al85 Electronic Cigarette
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Battery18650 Battery
Screw Connection510
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Smok AL85 Kit

Those who use electronic cigarettes; The best way to get maximum steam from an electronic cigarette, while at the same time enjoying the flavor and flavor of liquid is to buy a mode electronic cigarette box and atomizer tank. Fortunately there is Smok Alien Kit now. Smok Alien Kit is waiting for you at, our electronic cigarette site that relies on you for years, together with a tank that gives you intense steam and tastes the flavor of aroma.The Smok Alien Kit is a start-up electronic cigarette case, also known as the Smok Alien Starter Kit, in some sources. Available in stainless steel TFV8 Baby Beast Tank up to 220W, Smok Alien Kit is a great mod electronic cigarette with a zinc body measuring 85mm x 44mm x 30mm. The Smok Alien 220W is called the "Alien Starter Kit". The reason is that the kit consists of a modal electronic cigarette shell and a special atomizer tank.

Where do the Smok AL85 Kit come from?

Smok AL85 85W Mode Electronic Cigarette Case

TFV8 Baby Beast Atomizer Tank

Smok Alien Kit Features

Smok Alien also has an extended OLED display over the mod body. Thanks to the extended OLED display, you can make adjustments related to the mode electronic cigarette, you can adjust the ohm degree easily even if you want the watt value. The expanded OLED display on the Smok Alien Kit's body also informs you on the amount of battery. Smok Alien has adjustment buttons just below the OLED screen. Immediately below the setting buttons there is a micro usb charging input and the electronic cigarette is charged in this way.The most important feature of the Smok Alien Kit is the set of chips (microprocessors) that summarize the taste and steam density inside. The processor in the Smok Alien Kit's body allows you to take up to 220W maximum and shoot with different smoking modes. The Smok Alien Kit, which can be used with different smoking modes like Ni200, titanium, stainless steel, can be used with a minimum of 6 watts.

TFV8 Atomizer Tank

The Smok Alien Kit comes with a body, an atomizer coil and different coil headers that you can use, not just as a mode electronic cigarette case. This wonderful mode is the TFV8 Baby tank Atomizer tank, which is also a plus of the electronic cigarette case.

TFV8 Atomizer Tank Features

The TFV8 Baby Tank in the Smok Alien Kit Box has a liquid capacity of 3 ml. The Smok Alien Kit, housed in a superior performance electronic cigarette body with a 510 screwdriver system, measures 22 x 53 mm and is made entirely of stainless steel. TFV8 Baby Tank It is very versatile to give dense steam with different filling shapes and powerful features, and it is filled from top to top. The TFV8 Baby Tank also has two air ducts at the same time.If you are looking for a product with ergonomic design, dense steam technical structure and other features, you should definitely choose Smok Alien Kit.

Smok AL85 Kit Box Contents:

  • 1 x AL85 85W Mod1 x Interchangeable Glass Tank
  • 1 x Charge And Update Usb Cable
  • 1 x 0.15 Ohm T8 Core Atomizer V8 Baby - Tank
  • 1 x 0.4 Ohm Q2 Core Dual Coil1x User's Manual
  • 1x TFV8 Baby Tank Parts

Smok Alien Kit Mod Body Dimensions:

  • Height: 88 mm
  • Width: 44 mm
  • Height: 30 mm

Smok AL85 85W Mod Body Product Specifications:
  • Smok Alien Mode Body; Minimum 6 Watts, Maximum 220 Watts.
  • Smok Alien Mode Body; Zinc Alloy Has an Ergonomic Body Design.
  • Smok Alien Mode Body; Has Micro Usb Charger Input. Mod Gövdenin Charge Buttons And Expanded OLED Display Is Almost Above The Device.
  • Smok Alien 220W Mod Body Has Extremely Ergonomic And Dynamic Design.Smok Alien 220W Mode Body is a Two Body 18650 Battery Holder. The battery is under the body cover and is under protection.
  • Smok Alien 220W can be operated with different smoking modes. There are various modes such as TC, SS, Ni200, Titanium among these and can be run comfortably with these modes.
  • Smok Alien 220W, a Software-Updateable Electronic Cigarette With Its Own Microprocessor

Why Smok Alien Kit I am?

First of all, when you have the Smok Alien Kit, Smok Alien 200W Mod Boom, you will not have to get a high-performance electronic cigarette atomizer header from Extra. This means that when you buy the Smok Alien Kit you do not need a high-performance atomizer.At the same time the Smok Alien 220W has its own dedicated chip set and you can update the software of the modal electronic cigarette. Smok Alien 220W, which has superior steam performance and can be operated with different mode modes, also has two 18650 battery sockets. This pill is placed inside the torso. With two rechargeable batteries, the Smok Alien Kit can be easily recharged thanks to the micro-USB charging input. The Smok Alien 220W is also made from the same zinc-containing material. This unique and ergonomic body also has an extended OLED display, which also offers a unique experience for its users.

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