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Smok G-Priv - TFV12 Electronic Cigarette

Smok G-Priv - TFV12 Electronic Cigarette
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Smok G-Priv - TFV12 Electronic Cigarette
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Battery18650 Battery
Screw Connection510
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G - Priv - TFV12 Electronic Cigarette Kit
Our site ElektronikSigaraevi.US continues to offer you the most successful and most ideal e-cigarette combinations. The combination of the G - Priv and TFV12 is a combination of the TFV12 Atomizer Tank and the G - Priv Mod. G - Priv - TFV12 Electronic Cigarette Kit: We have a great electronic cigarette kit to give you a feeling of saturation, more steam and a feeling of liquidity that you use.
The unique combination is combined to achieve high steam. Both need TFV12 SMOK G - Priv, both of you to bring to the stage of performance. The fact that both products are SMOK-branded already explains many things. If you are looking for a perfectly great electronic cigarette kit, you are the right adress. Because we have prepared the perfect product for you by combining the best combination for you. Let's take a look at the components of this wonderful electronic cigarette kit separately.
TFV12 Atomizer Tank
TFV12 Atomizer Tank; It is an extremely powerful atomizer tank with 6 ml liquid capacity, top-loading. SMOK TFV12 is made of completely stainless steel with a diameter of 27 mm. The SMOK TFV 12 is an atomizer tank that can be used for double or triple coil winding. SMOK TFV12 RDTA Tank is an extremely successful atomizer tank model with its double or triple wrap. As you know, atomic tanks which have their own tank and can be wound are called RDTA.
The tank of the TFV12 Atomizer Tank is manufactured from high quality glass. In addition, due to the vap - band coming out of the box, the breakage of the glass of the tank is prevented. SMOK TFV12 Atomizer Tank, which can also be used with ready coil models, is a superior and above-standard atomizer tank that you can use with many modes of battery.
SMOK G - Priv Electronic Cigarette Body
For G - Priv, it 's wrong to say a mod body. SMOK G - Priv is a modular battery enclosure that goes beyond the standard with its large size touchscreen and other features. The SMOK G-Priv, which can be used with different drinking modes up to 220 watts, is a very successful device with a large 2.4 inch touchscreen, a watch display, a body made of zinc and other features.
SMOK G - Priv has a touch screen. The touch screen makes it easy to adjust the settings you want on the phone. At the same time, we can lock the device through the touch screen and ensure that it does not work when you carry the electronic cigarette in your bag or pocket. SMOK G - Priv has two 18650 rechargeable battery compartments. The device can also be charged via the mode dial.

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