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Smok İnfinix 1 Pod System

Smok İnfinix 1 Pod System
Smok İnfinix 1 Pod System
Smok İnfinix 1 Pod System
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Smok İnfinix 1 Pod System
Smok İnfinix 1 Pod System
Smok İnfinix 1 Pod System
Smok İnfinix 1 Pod System
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Smok Infinix Pod Electronic Cigarette

The SMOK Infinix pod electronic cigarette is referred to as Portable Ultra Portable ”on many sites and sold to consumers. There are many different factors that play a role in the name of the product. Extremely small yet useful, the Infinix Pod is lightweight and practical. Particularly preferred by female users, this small pod system electronic cigarette device is almost the size of a lighter or fountain pen and is even smaller.

Smok Infinix has a 250 mAh battery capacity. Despite its small battery, the pod electronic cigarette, which can generate steam from 10 to 16 Watts, provides a current output of 3.3 - 4.2 volts. The pod system electronic cigarette model with direct voltage output also generates steam if you press it gently on the body and push it forward.

Today, different pod electronic cigarette models are available. They are generally smaller in size than mod electronic cigarette models. SMOK Infinix, however, is much smaller in size than any other pod system electronic cigarette model, and is at least as functional as a pod mode.

SMOK Infinix Review - Dimensions and Specifications

Smok Infinix is ​​a pod system electronic cigarette model with 110 mm length, 12.5 mm width and 11 mm width. Thanks to the LED notification light on the housing, the device informs the user about the battery capacity and a 2 ML refillable liquid chamber is placed in the pod cartridge. Thanks to the special filling bottle that comes out of the box, you can replenish the liquid cartridge of the pod cartridge repeatedly.

The coil inside the pod cartridge is placed vertically in the cartridge. In order to increase the vapor density, the small air ducts on the body also enable effective steam extraction. Finally, the SMOK Infinix is ​​charged thanks to the micro USB charging cable that comes in the box, making it particularly suitable for women looking for small pod pods.

The Smok Infinix automatically switches itself off after 8 seconds of steam extraction. This feature has been added to the pod system electronic cigarette model to prevent / delay the wear of the cartridge coil structure. Thanks to the short circuit protection, you can carry the SMOK Infinix with other metal items. The insertion of the pod cartridge into the battery body with a magnetic pin makes the device effective.

SMOK Infinix Box Contents

  • 1 x Smok Infinix Pod Electronic Cigarette Battery Body
  • 2 x SMOK Infinix Pod Cartridge (Refills with Special Bottle, Carries Vertical Coil, 2ML Capacity)
  • 1 x Pure Liquid Injection Bottle (Recommended to Use Special Bottle During Cartridge Pod Refill)
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual (English)

Notice: If you order the product from our website, SMOK Infinix will receive you the complete contents of the box. Don't forget to charge the electronic cigarette after you take it out of the box, fill it with liquid (only with a special filling bottle) and choose pure liquid contents when doing so.

Warning: You can find information on how to use the device from the video sharing sites, blog or product description section of our site. It is possible to reach completely original pure liquids with different aromas specially produced for pod electronic cigarette models from our website.

Technical Specifications of SMOK Infinix Pod Electronic Cigarette

Smok Infinix is ​​a Pod System Electronic Cigarette Model. The Pod Cartridge of the Device cannot be replaced, but the 2 ml Pod Cartridge can be filled with liquid only with a special filling bottle.

SMOK Infinix has a 250 mAh battery. The battery can be easily recharged with the included Micro USB Charging Cable. The Charge Input of the Device is at the Bottom of the Body.

Smok Infinix is ​​a Pod System Electronic Cigarette Model Weighing Only 22 Grams. The Pod Electronic Cigarette Model, Only 110 mm Tall / 19.5 mm Width / 11 mm Width, Can Provide 3.3 or 4.2 Volt Current Output.

Small Size Pod Electronic Cigarette At The Same Time It Has Extremely Elegant And Stylish Design.

SMOK Infinix ’e Pod Cartridges are Extremely Easy to Insert. Pod Cartridges usually have a transparent liquid reservoir and allow you to easily learn the amount of liquid.

SMOK Infinix Body Does Not Have A Button Except LED Notification Light. The Micro USB Charging Port is at the Bottom of the Housing, Operated by Gently Pressing and Shifting to the Housing of the Device, and the Cartridge Pod is Easily Attached and Removable.

Liquid filling of the device is done with a special filling bottle from the side of the pod cartridge.

Provides Successful Steam Extraction Through Small Air Ducts.

Smok Infinix, with features like Short Circuit Protection / Low Battery Alert, also automatically shuts down after 8 seconds of steam extraction. This Increases the Life of Pod Cartridges. Short Circuit Protection Prevents the Smok Infinix from being easily carried and short-circuited in the bag or pocket.

How to Use Smok Infinix

First of all, like other pod system devices, Smok Infinix reaches you with an empty battery and pod cartridge. This is due to security. You need to charge the battery body of the device. You must then refill the pod cartridge using the special refill bottle.

Wait 2 - 3 minutes after filling the SMok Infinix. This time is necessary to absorb the liquid content of the coil structure in the pod cartridge. When the suction is complete, combine the cartridge with the body and operate the device by gently pressing and pushing the body.

Premium liquid contents or standard e-liquid contents are suitable for e-cigarette models such as mod electronic cigarettes, MTL, box mod and vape pen. Do not forget to use only liquid with Smok Infinix. Pure liquids contain more intense nicotine, giving you the experience of a real cigarette, even with less steam. For this reason, nicotine is added to the liquid contents at a higher rate. Since the ratio of nicotine is made with an active substance called nicotine salt in these types of liquids, these liquids used with pod systems are also called pure liquid.

Pod system electronic cigarette models, which can be filled with different flavored pure liquid contents, allow you to taste different flavored liquid contents.

Who Should Use SMOK Infinix?

Those who have recently quit smoking, who do not want to use detailed and heavy mode electronic cigarettes, and who find this type of devices complex, women e-cigarette users who attach importance to elegance and elegance, who want to experience a more intense cigarette experience with the pod system or who are curious about pod electronic cigarette models use this device.

The SMOK Infinix is ​​extremely easy to use and is also ideal for users aged 60 years and older. Those who want to give a gift to their relatives and keep them away from smoking, intend to put an end to the smoking of their loved ones or those looking for a stylish little pod! Smok Infinix is ​​a must-use product. Especially if you have just stopped smoking, you can experience a real cigarette with SMOK Infinix.

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