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Smok Rolo Badge

Smok Rolo Badge
Smok Rolo Badge
Smok Rolo Badge
Smok Rolo Badge
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Smok Rolo Badge
Smok Rolo Badge
Smok Rolo Badge
Smok Rolo Badge
Smok Rolo Badge
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SMOK Rolo Badge Overview

SMOK Rolo Badge has a brand new and different body design. The electronic cigarette, with a lightweight body weighing only 62 grams, has an ideal battery capacity for daily use of 250 mAh. SMOK Rolo Badge has a tank capacity of 2 ml. SMOK Rolo Badge, which does not have any external tank, has liquid sealing and works by transferring liquid from pod parts. In addition, SMOK Rolo Badge, which also has a liquid transfer bottle, offers a much more efficient and easy to use than a standard - regular e - cigarette.

SMOK Rolo Badge is just below the mouthpiece (drip type) portion of the liquidity steam and can hold 2 ml of liquid. This construction e-liquid called pod can only be done with a special transfer tool. The SMOK Rolo Badge with different color options meets your steam needs throughout the day thanks to LED lights on the body and Micro-USB input. SMOK Rolo Badge is filled with liquid under the body part. SMOK Rolo Badge has short circuit and low battery protection. SMOK Rolo Badge also has different color options at the same time.

SMOK Rolo Badge Featured Features:

Unique Design

Liquid Seal Pod Construction

Very Small And Lightweight Body

SMOK Rolo Badge Box Content:

1 x SMOK Rolo Badge Design E-Cigarette

2 x Liquid Pods (EU Version 2 ml)

1 x E-Liquid Filling Bottle

1 x Micro USB to USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

SMOK Rolo Badge Features:

SMOK Rolo Badge, Has a Transverse Design.

SMOK Rolo Badge is only 62 grams weight. Because it is a small size, you can carry your bag or your cell phone comfortably.

SMOK Rolo Badge is produced from high quality zinc and rubber material.

SMOK Rolo Badge is 73.3 mm in length, 50 mm in width and 12 mm in height.

SMOK Rolo Badge has 10 Watts to 16 Watts Out.

Electronic Scaler Has Short Circuit Protection And Low Voltage Protection.

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