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18650 Li-On Battery 18650 Li-On Battery
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Brand: sony Model: 18650-sony-vtc5
18650 Li-On Battery Electronic Cigarette BatterySony VTC5 18650 BatteryThe Sony VTC5 18650 Battery was first put on the market by Sony in 2012. Sony VTC5 is the name given to the rechargeable battery produced by Sony. Sony has recently driven the Sony VTC6 18650 Battery Pack to the market. Neverthel..
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Brand: sony Model: sony-vtc6
The Sony VTC6 battery is a high quality 18650 battery model, especially for users of mode electronic cigarettes. Mode electronic cigarettes have their own charging inputs. However, these charge inputs, which are usually micro - USB, are a big problem in the long run. If you use your device frequentl..
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Samsung INR 18650 Battery - 2500 mAh Samsung INR 18650 Battery - 2500 mAh
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Brand: sony Model: samsung-2500mah
Samsung INR 18650 Battery (h1)The Samsung INR 18650 Battery is a handy and safe 18650 Battery model, which is often preferred by electronic cigarette smokers. The Samsung INR 18650 battery is put on the market in 2013 and has a capacity of 2500 MAH. The Samsung INR 18650 Battery Models Elect..
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